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10 Baby-Step Secrets for Weight Loss Success

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Losing weight is synonymous with a healthier life, but chasing the fad diets can be tiresome. Research shows that taking baby steps is the best way to achieve lasting results. Losing weight slowly and steadily, make the process more likely to be sustainable. Focusing on just a couple of small changes at a time, you can ingrain some healthy habits that last forever.

We have uncovered 10 simple steps that can help you lose weight and feel better than ever. Gear up and implement the following weight loss tips.

Pen it Down

Tracking your eating habits with a food journal will help you get a reality check. Mindless munching easily polishes off if not noted down. It will be an eye-opening experience, as it will help in increase body awareness. Understanding your current habits can help you eliminate those extra calories that your body does not need at all.

Limit Your Food Habits

Obesity has different causes, but the root cause is the rise of high-calorie foods and processed foods. They lure our taste buds, but definitely, they are bad for our body. Cake, donuts, french fries, cookies, to name a few, is full of calories, but do not fill you up. Unfortunately, these foods can increase your hunger levels. Gradually downshift; and at the same time, add in natural food items such as eggs, apples, broccoli, lettuce, oranges and more.

Chew as Slowly as Possible

You can permanently reduce cravings by cutting down on your portions. Always start by taking a small portion of your favorite treat. Take time to smell the aroma, look at it, and think. Then take a small bite and chew slowly. Chew the food for 20 times and you will realize that you are content just after a couple of bites.

Go Old School with Beverages

Swap your high-calorie beverages with water. Drinking plenty of water is associated with improved weight loss. Shakes, lattes, frappe, aerated drinks, etc. are full of calories. Ditch the soda for unsweetened tea, black coffee, sparkling water, green tea, lemon tea, vitamin water, and other drinks that are not loaded with sugar. Drinking water before each meal can help you lose weight quicker. Moreover, avoid having caffeine after 3 pm.

Sleeping is Good for Health

There is a saying “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Following this simple rule can help you lead a better life. Going to bed before midnight enhances the quality and benefits of your sleep. Dim your lights, switch off your technology, read a book to send signals to your brain that you are ready for a sound sleep.

Focus on Following Your Plan, Not Losing Weight

Focusing solely on weight loss can lead to weight regain. Instead, focus on following a workout and nutrition plan. Focus on particular goals such as getting stronger, ditching sugar, drinking 8-12 glasses of water, etc. to keep yourself on the track.

Get Social, Get Motivated

You are more likely to stick to your workout plans when you have your workout buddy to motivate you. You will be more likely to keep your commitments of consistently going for a long run. You can join a club of active members as the environment has a big influence on your personal habits. It will help you stay fit for long-term and help you achieve your goals faster.

Change Your Routine at Office

Don’t sit and gain weight. Take breaks in every 1 hour and walk here and there for 5 minutes. You can take a 30-minute walk during the lunch. Walking after a meal can help you control blood sugar levels and aid weight loss. When you are on the phone, take the opportunity to get up and move around.

Follow a Workout Plan

Changing your food habits is not enough. Indulge in some exercise. Hit the nearby gym or go for a 5 km run in the park. If you have a great workout plan, the likelihood of losing weight increases substantially. Create your own workout plan by extending your comfort zone or you can follow a plan from an experienced fitness coach or trainer.

Be Patient

Losing weight does not happen overnight. Though you can lose weight by crash diets and harsh exercises, but having patience and going slow is better and easier. Follow your diet plan and exercise routine for a long time without losing hopes and the excess weight will come off definitely.

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