10 Brainy Foods: The Secret Of An Active Mind


“Feed your brain to cut down some belly.”

Brain is the universe of your body. Everything that you do, say, think and beyond is related to your brain nerves. Your brain cells start to degenerate just as you take birth. Imagine, it takes up to 2% of total body mass but it requires 20% of energy that is produced in the body. Furthermore, you can literally illuminate a 25 Watts bulb with that much amount of energy! This statistics is pretty much complete to sum up why you need to focus on what goes inside that promotes healthy brain functions.

In ancient history, Hippocrates quoted, “Let food be thy medicine thy medicine shall be thy food.”

In lieu of depending on the artificial or chemically developed medicines for enhancing your complex machine, you must switch to the natural products that have sure shot benefits and no side-effects.

Check out the favorites of nutritionists :

1. Yum! Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate

A stress reliever. Fights free radicals. Improves memory. On and On. There are no stop for proving why dark chocolate is a must eat for everyone. People with cardiovascular troubles should consume dark chocolate to keep their blood flow normal. Also, antioxidants rich cocoa prevents your brain to degrade. Now, you know, why elder people offer chocolates on your good grades!! It is related to your higher concentration and smarter brain activities.

2. Avocados Always


This little fruit comes in many lists of health foods. It works on cognitive brain activities by lowering the blood pressure. For patients of hypertension, you must include one-half or one-fourth of avocado in your routine diet to improve your blood flow.

3. Nutty And Seedy Diet

assorted nuts

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc are rich in Vitamin B, E and other macro nutrients. Also, when you have flax seeds in this list too then you can’t miss out on the quality intake of Omega-3 which is important for brain functions and its efficiency.

4. Pop Some Blueberries


Blueberries in any form are good for health. You may like to pop some raw berries or take supplements for goodness of its nutritional diet chart. Point is, it must be taken to prolong your brain activities. Aging people mustn’t forget to take in some blueberries in their diets to fight  Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

5. Green Leafy Veggies And Beans

green vegetables

You must aim to strengthen your central nervous system by giving it the required diet of green vegetables and beans which are great source of plant vitamins and proteins. Eventually, this declines your cognitive degeneration. Also, nutrients are easy to get absorbed in the body which helps to keep the nurturing of cellular growth constant.

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6. Caffeine Intake


For some people, it is not a superstition or a myth that their body activates on the first sip of coffee. Whether you like it hot or cold, frothy or shots but it is doing magic in your nerves. Well, thank the caffeine to make that possible for you. It speeds up your blood flow which causes alertness.

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7. Green Tea For Every Season

green tea

What is best for your body comes with word ‘Green’. Just like the magical powers of green veggies; ditch the regular cup of tea and switch to green tea. Filter some for making your alertness doubled on a dull day and feel fresh instantly. Balanced compounds that take care of your body.

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8. Egg Yolk For Brainy Stuff

Egg yolk

If it was possible to stuff yolk in head, people would have been 100 times smarter than today. Yes. The Omega 3 compound in egg yolk is amazingly beneficial for your brain. Especially for a pregnant woman, it supports generation of neurons at faster speed.

9. Water, Water, Everywhere


The need to have water in your body for an apt amount is not just a requirement but also a must. Dehydration can cause your brain to reduce its efficiency. Just, drink water, human. It is doing more than you realize on that body.

10. Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil is like a magic on your brain and body. It is a replenishing oil that also acts as a middle man to absorb nutrients which are important to make your day lighter and energetic. Medium chain-triglycerides breaks down the ketones that is utilized by the brain for repair mechanism.

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Consult your doctors about your body needs of all the nutrients and then indulge in the majestic food diet for a healthy brain.

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