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10 Teas that Must be Your Cup of Tea

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Since thousands of years, tea has been symbolized as the key to towards good health, immunity, wisdom and happiness. Even today, health experts consider drinking tea for better and improved state of health.

There exist varieties of tea that are known for their physical and mental well-being benefits. After an extensive research on them and going through their properties, we have listed down the 10 very best teas that are magical in every regard. Read on and unveil them…

#1: Green Tea ideal solution for overall wellness

As obvious, green tea tops the list, thanks to its rich antioxidant properties. By preventing free radical damage, it combats diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity and many more.

Consuming green tea every morning is the gateway to reducing stomach cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer. Moving on, this wonderful tea possess mind-boggling properties that promote fat burn, arterial clogging reduction, blood cholesterol levels management and reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease & neurological disorders.

#2: Black Tea ultimate way to protect the lungs

Black tea

This tea has the highest amount of caffeine as compared to other teas. Damaged caused by frequent smoking as well as exposure to cigarette can be prevented by drinking black tea. As obvious, this is immensely fruitful for the protection of lungs. What’s more? Consume it daily to reduce risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Make sure to avoid too much consumption if pregnant.

#3: White Tea the anti-cancerous drink

Healthy white tea

This is one tea not everyone is familiar with. Simply put, it is uncured and unfermented tea with anti-cancer properties. Compared to other teas, it has extraordinary healing properties. It is interesting to know that white tea prevents plaque formation, a major cause behind tooth decay.

#4: Oolong Tea blessing for fast food lovers

Oolong tea

If you live on junk food or have high cholesterol levels, oolong tea is your lifesaver. Studies have proved that antioxidants found in oolong tea work wonderful in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in blood. Containing good amount of caffeine, it is not meant for pregnant and lactating women.

#5: Pu-erh Tea your friend for weight management

If you are looking for effective ways to melt the extra pounds, Pu-erh tea is what you need. Prepared from age and fermented leaves, it reduces weight gain, reduces risk of obesity and lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

#6: Ginger Tea the mind & body stress buster

When it comes to the best herbal tea, ginger tea beats every other tea. It aids digestion, stimulates appetite, relaxes the body, relieves cough & cold, prevents nausea, uneasiness and nasal congestion.

#7: Chamomile Tea easiest way to beat diabetes

Chamomile extracts are popular for soothing and cooling properties and acts as a health tonic when added to tea. The tea is helpful in reducing complications associated with diabetes such as loss of vision, kidney damage and nerve damage. Apart from this, chamomile tea plays role in interfering the growth of cancer cells. Women suffering from PMS symptoms must drink this tea as it reduces stomach cramps and bloating.

#8: Hibiscus Tea your cholesterol level manager

Popular as herbal tea, hibiscus tea is the latest product that has joined the best teas category. Consuming it boosts heart health, manages healthy blood cholesterol levels, lowers elevated blood pressure levels and aids in fighting fungal & bacterial infections.

#9: Echinacea Tea the infection fighter

Fight common cold and cough by drinking this tea. Consuming it regularly helps in boosting the immune system, reducing urinary tract infections and preventing respiratory infections.

#10: Red Tea the cancer killer

Another name for red tea is, Rooibos. It is prepared from a fermented South African herb. The tea is a rich source of antioxidants that have cancer-fighting abilities. You will be surprised to know that it stunts the growth of cancer cells that are already present.

Waiting for what? Grab your favorite tea and begin a healthy lifestyle today!

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