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3 Simple Tips To Shed Weight Like Anything

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Oh I need to change my life in big ways to achieve my target weight. Shall I join a gym or consult a dietitian? May be running in a marathon is the way to go.’

If you are battling the hunt to lose weight, these are some of the ideas your brain may be swirling around. Though there’s nothing wrong with these choices, most of the people fail to stick with them. Being crucial and hard to follow, these plans don’t last long. Fortunately, the good news is, such extreme changes are not necessary for successful weight loss.

One must understand that the key to lose weight is starting with small, incremental and sustainable changes that result in incredible difference in the development of healthy life. To do this, the approach should be beginning with small and manageable changes that are achievable.

For a prosperous weight-loss journey, take a look at 3 very simple ways that are simply wonderful:

1. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier:

go to bed early

Wondering how will this help? How can more sleep manage weight? Well, hormones – leptin and ghrelin are known as the hunger-management hormones. Both these hormones are controlled by sleep. When one is awake for long hours, they tend to feel more hungry and indulge in over eating. On the other hand, when they get the right amount of sleep, these hormones along with appetite stay in check. Therefore, it is good to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. When that become a habit, add another 15 minutes.

2. Breakup with the sugar in your drinks:

Glass filled with sugar

Well, everyone is familiar with the perils of consuming sugars sodas. However, majority of us don’t know that diet soda sweetened with sucralose or aspartame increase the appetite largely. Nothing to feel sad about as you can enjoy your favorite carbonated soft drinks by going for a club soda and a squeeze of lemon or lime. You can also opt for sodas sweetened with stevia, which is a natural sweetener without the same level of insulin impact as artificial sweeteners have.

If you are into fruit juices, make sure to check the label and see the quantity of sugar it contains. Remember, a glass of orange juice contains upto 25 grams of sugar per serving which is equivalent to five or six sugar cubes.

Last but not the least, if you take sugar in your coffee, go for stevia as sweetener. Doing so will add up the needed calories savings.

3. Incorporate protein at every meal:


In the weight loss strategy, protein is an essential element. It is recommended to take at least 30 grams at breakfast, which is proven to reduce cravings as well as hunger throughout the day. Protein is quite important to build and maintain lean muscle during the fat loss process.

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