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3 Ways Of Meditation: To Have Mindfulness And Active Body

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

“Only one thing is going to remain with you: that is your witnessing, that is your watchfulness. This watchfulness is meditation.” ~ OSHO

The string attached to the history is known as YOGA! It has challenged even the advanced medical science in most crucial health status. The branches of yoga spread through mind, soul and body which brings balance to all three of them. Out of all, meditation is the youth’s favorite. It’s not only that fancy word which you use to impress someone but it has more to it if, you’re actually enjoying the power of meditation.


Many saints and yoga practitioners have quoted their versions to define meditation but to sum up everything in a phrase, “Meditation is the power of self and in selflessness that you realize when you slow down your mind and remove the turbulence by concentrating on the energy within you and freeing all your thoughts into idleness.” It is the focus that brings the pieces of lost willingness, energy and consciousness back to its place. People, who have practiced meditation for years, believe that the ultimate prayer is answered by the universe. Every energy that is invested is never wasted.


Every ancient practice is blanketed with myths. Similarly, if you think you need a particular posture, time and technique to meditate then you are about to get busted!

Step 1: Choose a clean, fresh and aromatic place like a garden, room or terrace. Also dimly illuminate the place, if it’s a room. Let the nature’s sound or soothing music fill the aura.

Step 2: Move your limbs to come under relaxed position. The most important part is that your vertebral should be straight but relaxed and not erected.

Step 3: You can choose a time of the day that is comfortably suited to you. However, dusk and dawn are special for yogis due to the forces that act on body during the transitional phases.

That’s it! It takes only little efforts and full determination to slip into nothingness and enjoy the empowering after effects of meditation.


Meditation is a pathway that leads to consciousness of your body’s universe. It deepens your opinion about your body. Let’s look at the benefits :

1.Stress Releasing : Everyday work life and social life can leave you with low energy and lower self esteem. It is your duty to fill your tank with positive vibes and release the accumulated stress from your mind.

2.Improves Sleep : If you often fall prey to insomnia then you must practice meditation before falling on bed. Not just it helps you to sleep but it also improves the quality.

3.Relax Anxiety Pangs : Well, the first thing that you must do is to put your nervous veins on pause and give yourself the much needed calmness through meditating deep.

4.Clear Off Confusion : Businessman, employee, student or anyone; all of us have that point in life where there are endless questions and no answer to the problem. However, if you take out some time to fall into stillness, your mind will be able to focus harder and find the best solutions. It’s about focus that eradicates confusion.

5.Heal and Treat : There have been many instances where meditating regularly has helped people to heal their ailing bodies. Body seems to respond in better nutrients absorption which heals the body, eases out pain and strengthens mental abilities.

Ain’t there just enough instances and reasons to allow yourself to try and fall in love with the awesomeness of meditation? Let the magic begin!

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