5 Easy Hacks To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

Easy Hacks

For every girl, waking up with a radiant face is indeed a dream come true. But, winter brings along curse for our skin. There is a lot to love about winters unless we realize that dry skin is taking away the charm. To look fresh and radiant every morning, you need to protect it. Here are some cool hacks that can help you maintain your skin.

Love hot long showers? Next time think about it!


After a long day, who doesn’t love to have long hot showers? Yes, it is more relaxing but your skin pays the price for it. Reduce the temperature and keep the essential oils intact in your skin. Use lukewarm water and save your skin from getting flaky and dry.

Sunscreens are for summers. Are you kidding?


A splash of sunshine is a must during the winters, but that doesn’t mean you will stop using your sunscreen. To protect your gentle skin from the harsh effects of the sun, apply a good amount of sunscreen every day before leaving home.

Water your skin inside out!


Bathing every day with lukewarm water is necessary to hydrate the skin. But, remember to drink a lot of water as well. Instead of drinking coffee or alcohol switch to honey lemon ginger tea.

Invest in good moisturizers


Do you think that any moisturizer can make your skin supple? You are definitely going in the wrong direction. Be wise when you are investing in a moisturizer. If you have oily skin, then go for light moisturizers while dry skin definitely asks for heavy moisturizes. Moisturize your skin well after a bath every day.

Oils are essential!


Infuse your skin with essential oils, especially in dry winters. Mix coconut oil or almond oil with essential oils and dab it over your skin before a good warm bath. Your skin will thank you forever.

Ever wondered why, despite following a regular routine, your skin isn’t looking as good as you want it to? In that case, you are not following the right routine. Every skin is different and thus has different needs. Follow the simple hacks and look vibrant even in this dry season.

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