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7 Yummy & Healthy No-Bake Dessert Recipes For 7 Days Of A Week

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

It is impossible to say no to a good dessert. The thought of unhealthy starch, the taste of unhealthy sugar and the feel of lots of dollars drowning to have a piece of dessert is unparalleled to any other good feeling. Well, that’s the reality which happens when you go to a bakery to order something fancy. Resisting sugar is even tougher for people who are dealing with weight issues and diabetes.

What if, you are told that you can simply turn your regular cheats into treats? Yes! That’s very much possible because following recipes are from clever moms, witty wives and intelligent chefs who know how to keep the taste and safe for their people. Check out the list :

1. Gluten-Free Choco Lava Cake


It’s all about whisking cocoa, dark chocolate, almond flour, stevia leaves, eggs and vanilla extract in a bowl and keeping them in microwave for just 50 seconds. Yes, you heard it right. You can have a dessert by your side within seconds. It’s a cheat code for gluten-intolerant people. Dig into the amazing gooey chocolaty goodness of cake!

2. Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake


Pour cinnamon powder, flour, brown sugar, baking powder and coconut oil into a mug. Stir all ingredients well and let that mug rest in your microwave oven for 2-3 minutes to get that fluffy feel. Who wouldn’t like to have holy-cinnamon roll with a cup of Americano. It’s simply ‘Umm..Yum’ to imagine.

3. No Sugar Chocolate Mousse


Well, don’t get too afraid with the idea of no sugar mousse. All you have to do is to add sliced avocados in mixer jug and cocoa powder. Shake the heaven out of this combo to get the rich-creaminess of avocados with the taste of chocolate. Well, who said desserts can never be about healthy fats and antioxidants?

4. Mint-Banana-Chocolate Ice Cream


Dark chocolate for taste, banana to replace sugar and mint for refreshing effect. That’s what a scoop of ice cream feels like. It’s every bit of treat as it is low on sugar, full of anti oxidants and goodness of mint extract. Mix the three ingredients and let it cool down in refrigerator. Enjoy whatever amount of scoops you want to satisfy your soul.

5. Watermelon Crusher


Watermelon is a cooler in every sense. Add watermelon in any dish and it turns out to be a summer favorite. There is no need to add any sugar and also it has fortified amino acid to ease the muscle pain. This recipe is for after gym treat. Nobody denies a cooling glass of crusher after all that sweat.

6. Strawberry Pie Choco Crunch


Have a yummy treat in evening by putting sliced strawberries on top of a chocolate crunchy base. Make sure you apply cream in between the base and fillings. This pie is light and won’t have much sugar just as you replace fillings with strawberries. Also, you can enjoy this dish as a late evening dessert with a glass of wine.

7. Perfect Parfait With Cashew Cream & Fruit Toppings


If you are a fan of creamy treats but lactose intolerance is giving hard time to your sweet tooth then just look out for this recipe. Make a cashew cream and dice your favorite fruits. Start layering your cup of dessert with cream and fruits. You just earned a great parfait that you won’t ever regret for. Nutritional values will surprise you more as it is low sugar and no trans fat recipe with good amount of protein.

Food should make you feel happy and content. With these simple yet amazing recipes, you can turn your regular unhealthy fats and carbs into a much relished dish on your dining table.

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