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Always Hungry? May Be You Are Addicted To These 10 Habits

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Even after all that willpower and desire to do better, you are attacked by HUNGER. This short yet heavy term is an obstacle in your dedication to beat the bulge. The moment it hits you, everything else doesn’t matter and you lose control.

Have you ever tried to figure out why you are always hungry? If not, you will be surprised to know that some of your own habits are the reason behind it. Here, in this post, we will uncover 10 culprits that tend to make you eat more. Knowing about them and working on them will take you on a healthier road. Let’s start…

1. Alcohol


Consuming beer or wine with dinner contributes to hunger. Studies have proved that alcohol increases the presence of ghrelin, the hormone that triggers the feeling of hunger. When you combine food with alcohol, the hunger tendency is carried on to subsequent meals.

2. Speed Eating


Most of the professionals indulge in quick eating on the run or between meetings. Yes, it can help you save time then, but this habit backfires later. This is because when you eat in hurry, the hormone your stomach sends so as to let your body know that you are full, is prevented from triggering. This way, you feel hungry even after being full.

3. Lack of Sleep


Today’s hectic life leaves no one with enough hours to sleep. When the body isn’t able to get needed rest, it is unable to produce leptin, hormone that allows your body to feel full. Moreover, lack of sleep accelerates the production of ghrelin, the hunger inducing hormone. What else? It activates that part of the brain that recognizes food as a source of pleasure.

4. Peer Pressure


Being with a group makes it difficult to stick to healthy choices. When family and friends lavish on desserts or unhealthy food, saying no isn’t easy. Moreover, the desire to fit in social situations is also a factor that harms. All you need to do is stop these pressures from affecting you.

5. Skipping Breakfast


For most of the people, skipping breakfast saves time. What they don’t realize is that this lifestyle slows down their metabolism, which eventually makes them feel hungry. Also, it urges the body to store food in place of burning it. As per studies, individuals who skip breakfast are 5 times more obese than those who eat breakfast.

6. Stress


An array of people look up to food when it comes to cope up with negative emotions or stress. Well, this leads to unhealthy eating cycle. Eating when stressed does not reduce anxiety or negative emotions but increases the desire to eat more, which not only takes anxiety to another level but also leads to weight gain.

7. Diet Soda


Gone are the days when diet soda was considered a healthy alternative to sugar-laden drinks. Yes, that’s true, as soda has a harmful effect on appetite and general health. The reason behind this is that sugar substitutes alter the body’s ability to feel full and promote hunger pangs.

8. Dehydration


Now, this may surprise you but most of the time, what we perceive as hunger is actually thirst, especially when we are dehydrated. It’s been found that many symptoms relate to hunger are because of dehydration.

9. Processed Foods


Everyone knows that processed foods are rich in calories and low in nutrients. This is the reason, our bodies crave to eat more & more. Moreover, these foods are packed with additives and chemicals that are often addictive. According to some researches, high fructose syrup, the prime ingredient of many processed foods interferes with the production of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain when we are full.

10. Chewing Gum


No matter you like regular chewing gum or sugar-free gum, it will increase your feelings of hunger. This is because saliva produced during chewing the gum goes to the stomach. This makes the body look for food, which makes you hungry.

So, these are some of the reasons behind your non-stop eating tendency. Overcoming these usual habits can help you bid goodbye to annoying chronic hunger.

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