The Amazing Effect Of Green Tea On Breast Cancer Patients


The world is going crazy for green tea as its medicinal benefit has stepped up the game in natural treatment of various diseases. Ever since its outbreak in market, the manufacturers have taken pride in providing the pure and best quality of green tea. It’s nutritional balance and aroma makes its best for daily beverage added with health benefits!

Why is Green Tea so good?

Who would mind a natural and cost efficient remedy in comparison to a chemically structured costly medicine? There are no side effects yet it comes at an easy cost. However, it’s nutritional value makes it surprising awesome. The tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients like amino acid, catechins, caffeine, saponins, Vitamin C, B12 and E and many other macro nutrients.

How is it effective on Cancer Cells?

Cancer is totally related to lifestyle, genes, age, environment that effects cell growth. This impacts uncontrolled cell division which results in various forms of cancer in human body. Radiation, chemotherapy, pills and other methods to cure cure are the options which comes with side effects like nausea, vomit, loss of appetite, degrading health and continued psychological trauma.

The reason of researching on green tea is to switch the treatment to natural and more accessible source. Since it is infamous fact that green tea is a great cell repair and maintenance drink that also prevents free radicals in the body, therefore, to utilize these powerful effects of green tea, people have brought it in their daily routine.

How does it affect Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is leading cause death in the U.S. citizens. It is affecting one in every eight people in America. The concern is growing since even before women touch their 40s, they are first diagnosed with breast cancer. Although, it is uncommon in men but there has been a gradual increase in their number lately.

People who regularly take green tea have reduced chances of catching up with cancer later in their life. The mechanism that makes it the best fit is because when body has free radicals then they try to harm the cellular structure of the organs which is strongly prevented by green tea’s set of anti-oxidants. Its catechins are good for destroying cancer cells. It maintains healthy cellular division and controls tumor causing agent to act on body.

What is the amount of green tea one should have?

It is good to have 3-4 cups on daily basis. Although there are no side effects of green tea still to confirm it with your dietitian before including it in your diet.


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