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Banish Fatigue With These 7 Invigorating Energy Boosting Supplements

There are times when we all need extra energy— whether it’s pick-me-up time in the morning or something that takes away the exhausting feeling on the way to the gym. Here are 7 supplements that are definite to hold you up without a crash. Anytime you are in desperate energy need, these proven boosters will help you control everything and give your best in everything. Here we go…
1. Green Coffee Extract
Why You Need It: To feel mentally sharp
How It Works: It includes the extract of unripe whole coffee fruit and supports functioning of brain by enhancing the neuron activity. High in antioxidants, these extracts promote new brain cells.
How To Take It: One scoop on an empty stomach with 6-8 ounces of cold water
2. Raspberry Ketones
Why You Need It: To boost energy with check on calories
How It Works: Derived from fruit these ketones help the body in releasing stored fat for energy. As they assist in boosting metabolism, it gets easy to burn more calories.
How To Take It: Take 100–200mg 30 minutes before the meals.
3. Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
Why You Need It: To improve workout performance and recovering speedily
How It Works:  BCAAs help in driving glucose, creatine and other nutrients into muscle cells which then help in fueling the activity. After exercise, they help in lowering the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. This way, one feels less tired and more active.
How To Take It: Take about 3g of BCAAs before as well as after workouts.
4. Creatine
Why You Need It: For stronger workouts
How It Works: It is an important part of atP cycle or adenosine triphosphate cycle. It is interesting to know that the more creatine is there in the muscles during workouts, the more quickly energy is produced by the body. This helps in performing more reps before hitting fatigue.
How To Take It: Take 2–5g before as well as after workouts. Make sure to start with low dose and increase it slowly. Though you might look a bit bulky initially but the effect is temporary.
5. Green Tea Extract
Why You Need It: For battling the 3 p.m. droop
How It Works: Green tea is rich in catechins, the nutrients that increase norepinephrine, the energizing brain chemical. Besides, it also contains theanine (amino acid), which helps in feel relaxed and sharpens the mental focus.
How To Take It: Take 400–1,000mg of green tea extract twice a day.
6. Arginine
Why You Need It: For energized workouts
How It Works: Arginine converts to nitric oxide and helps the blood vessels to relax. This in turn allows increased flow of nutrients and oxygen which eventually help the muscles perform more work.
How To Take It: Take 3–5g once or twice daily. Make sure to take at least one dose pre-workout.
7. Caffeine Anhydrous
Why You Need It: For long-lasting energy
How It Works: Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and fuels other energy systems as well. Taking it an hour before workout helps in lifting more weight. Apart from this, it allows one to perform more rep, as it blunts muscle fatigue.
How To Take It: Cut caffeine intake at other times and take 100–400mg of caffeine anhydrous an hour before exercise.
Supercharge your energy level like never before with these simple & powerful supplements.

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