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Begin 2019 On a Healthy Note With These New Year Resolutions

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

A very Happy & Healthy New Year to the one who just came across this post. Moving on, are you someone who is pumped up with new goals in mind and determined to achieve them. Great! But are you also someone who doesn’t taste success in keeping these goals or resolutions true for long? If so, remind yourself that it is only you who is committed to your present and future; being internally motivated will help you stick to the task and make resolutions that are possible to follow.

On that note, take a look at some really amazing ideas that could be your New Year’s resolutions to change your lifestyle for good.

Just one goal per month


Rather than building castles in air and forcing yourself to lose 20 pounds by the summer, start calmly with one at a time action steps. For instance, distance yourself from alcohol in January and distance yourself from loaded sugars in February. During the end of the month, determine what worked in your favor and what didn’t. If you fail in accomplishing any goal, ask yourself the reason behind. For the ones you made successfully, ask yourself how you accomplished them. For every improvement you made, don’t forget rewarding yourself.

Add ‘Why’ to the resolution

Before starting with any resolution, write down why its result matters. The more powerful the reason, the more your resolution will last. As ‘Why’ can change with time, make sure staying connected with yourself.

For instance, if you set a goal to indulge in exercising for 20 minutes a day, ask yourself why should you do it. Most likely, the answer would be a toned body.

Plan workout as per the schedule


To continue with the fitness regime without disappointment, plan your life around the workout session. Select an appropriate place, time and plan that you can adhere to without any difficulty. Also, create a calendar where you can write activity, time duration and location for each & every day of the program. Upon completion of a workout, add a sticker on the particular day to track as well as see the progress you made.

Keep along emergency snacks


To avoid hunger pangs and overeating, keep healthy snacks by your side always. Apart from saving calories, you will save plenty of money on expensive meals that feed your body with extra pounds. Best snacks to trust are fruits like apple, banana or pear. Other good options are popcorn, low-fat Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and nuts.

Make a promise to take the stairs


Even when there’s an escalator or elevator at your service, make your move toward the stairs. A little bit done every day adds up to make more. When you step up your stair taking activity, you treat your body with the needed dose of exercise.

Measure your food


No, don’t weigh every ounce but if you feel that you suffer from portion distortion, it’s time to break out the food scale, measuring cup and spoon. The practice will teach you how much you are taking versus what you assumed you are having. When you get to learn what a serving looks like, apply it for year-round portion control.

Take a vow to apply sunscreen 365 days


Even when not at a beach or anywhere else in the sun, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to prevent dull skin, skin cancer and maintain the youthfulness. Whenever there is daylight, UV rays are for sure present to damage the cellular DNA and develop possibility of melanoma. Collagen breakage is possible too, which invites premature skin aging, spots, fine lines and more.

Keep away the treats

Cornell University has found that women who keep snacks on their countertops are 20 pounds heavier than those with clear surfaces. Pastries, cereals, cookies, etc. are tempting but shouldn’t be on the countertops. Instead, keep a fruit bowl for a nutritional eating.

Store low-carb veggies


Don’t restrict yourself and add foods rich in vitamins, diet, fiber and mineral. Non-starchy veggies such as cucumber, broccoli, zucchini and carrots are good for lunch and dinner. Stock the kitchen with frozen steam-in-bag, fresh pre-cut, low-sodium and canned veggies to meet the goals. In your plate, give third to a half portion to low-carbohydrate veggies followed by addition of starch and lean protein that occupy a quarter of the plate.

Monitor water intake


If your energy levels drop in the mid-afternoon, water intake check is all you need to do, as you may be thirsty. If you struggle to balance water consumption, start the day with a glass of water and carry a refillable bottle to keep along and rotate it in infused or sparkling waters if looking for change of pace. You can also set a countdown timer in your phone to keep the water intake on point.

Move more with multi-tasking

Mixing and matching certain activities keep you fit in a healthy way:

  • During the morning coffee brews, stretch for 5 minutes.
  • Do 20 squats while watching TV, brushing your teeth or listening to your favorite song.
  • When watching an hour-long show, perform alternate lunges during the commercial breaks.

Turn lunch as day’s biggest meal


Without cutting calories, fix daytime for more caloric intake. Make the breakfast nutritious and make midday meal the largest. Reason being, our metabolism is connected to circadian rhythm; hence, there happens a decrease in insulin sensitivity overnight. Eating a meal late at night increases the blood sugar to a level that’s more than the same meal eaten earlier. With time, such spikes increase risk of type 2 diabetes.

Shut down kitchen by 8 pm


It is suggested to stop eating three hours before going to the bed because our body prepares to rest and repair overnight. Due to this reason, food is processed in a different way; thus, a well-balanced dinner is important to end the day at the right time. For those who find it difficult, find few activities to engage yourself during these free hours. Some considerable options are:

  • Habits like painting or assembling a puzzle
  • Reading a book
  • Writing a personal diary

Sleep right; sleep tight


Other than vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K, vitamin zzz’s is important too. Sleeping for adequate hours is incredible for health and recovery. To sleep peacefully,

  • Keep away phone, laptop and tablet an hour before bed because blue light from them sabotages the sleep by asking the brain to stay awake.
  • Go dark with blackout shades and unplug devices in the bedroom that have LED lights.
  • Set an alarm that rings 30-minute before the actual getting up time to give you sufficient time to wind down.

And this was all. These resolutions are easy to keep and maintain your lifestyle just the way your inner-self always wanted. Could anything else be this best?

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