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 05 Mar 2020


Resveratrol, Its Benefits & Future Scope

Since time immemorial, humans have advanced themselves towards one single goal, which is ‘to be immortal.’ This quest to beat death has perhaps begun and mankind is discovering newer ways to live longer, healthier and enriching lives. Resveratrol is one…

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Top 5 Emerging Health and Wellness Trends 2020

Health is indeed a treasure. Good health is life’s nectar that makes every experience taste sweet. Before we discuss the emerging health and wellness trends, let us discover in a nutshell what this year packs in the health department. According…

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 17 Feb 2020


healthy breakfast

 05 Feb 2020



The recent outbreak of a new coronavirus pandemic originating from China’s Wuhan province has infected more than 1 lakh people worldwide ever since the first case was reported in December 2019. China and neighboring Asian countries are the worst affected…

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Want Inspiration To Lose Weight? Presenting Weight Loss…

Being a plus-size woman is not an easy race, especially if one is a Hollywood celebrity. Chrissy Metz, a renowned name in the world of successful plus-size actresses knows this harsh reality extremely real along with the challenges that accompany…

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 30 Jan 2020



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