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healthy breakfast

 17 Apr 2017


7 Easy Tips To Keep Your Bones And…

As we age, keeping bones and joints healthy becomes essential. Weak bones and joints can lead to serious conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Such medical conditions can make it hard for you to move around. There are some simple…

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10 Baby-Step Secrets for Weight Loss Success

Losing weight is synonymous with a healthier life, but chasing the fad diets can be tiresome. Research shows that taking baby steps is the best way to achieve lasting results. Losing weight slowly and steadily, make the process more likely…

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 15 Mar 2017


healthy breakfast

 10 Mar 2017


10 Ways To Keep Your Skin Supple And…

The condition of our skin and the way it ages depend on various factors, lifestyle and of course diet. Besides, intake of caffeine and consumption of alcohol also contribute to the health of our skin. With the increase in age,…

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