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Burger With Fries? Tomato In Pasta? Discover Food Combinations That Sabotage Your Health

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Do you feel GUILTY about anything apart from the broken love affairs or betrayals in friendship or workplace? NO? Take your time and think a bit more. Still NO? Ummm…. then it’s time to feel guilty of all the WRONG EATING CHOICES. You got to confess that busy day at the office or that feeling lazy attitude makes you eat anything that’s easily available. Creating food combinations that pump up the taste buds without realizing how terrible they could be is something everyone does.

Ever thought how combining two foods that ain’t compatible can ruin your health? If not, discover 13 combinations that are a big NO together.

1. Eggs and Bacon

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Such a heavenly combo at a buffet breakfast that attracts food lovers. However, high protein found in egg and fat found in bacon, charge up the energy levels only at the time of consumption. Once you have filled your tummy, the energy will evaporate and you will turn lethargic.

2. Burger and Fries

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Personal favorite of almost everyone. Sadly, both these items are loaded with trans fat that lower the blood sugar levels. End result, you feel tired and sleepy.

3. Cereal and Juice


Starting the morning with something that brings energy is what we all desire. But having cereal and juice leaves you with discomfort in the form of heaviness. Why? Acids in orange juice interferes with activity of the enzyme that is meant to break down the carbohydrates.

4. Pizza and Soda

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Now this is really something most of us are guilty of. What’s important here to know is that carbs, proteins and starch present in the pizza take up body’s energy for digestion. As far as soda is concerned, its sugar level slows down the digestion and other processes of stomach.

5. Olive oil and Nuts

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Taking these two together can make you sick, as protein in nuts and fat in olive oil do not mix. As a result, raw fat is digested, which then stops protein from digesting.

6. Muffins and Juice

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If you want to feel tired without giving in any efforts, opt for these two. Jokes apart, taking muffins and juice together trades the protein and fiber that’s required to begin the day for extra carbohydrates. Though your blood sugar will be kicked but it will fizzle out soon.

7. Tomatoes in Pasta


WHAT? This must be your first reaction. Agree? Unfortunately, this staple meal ain’t good for your body. Talking about pasta, it has starch carbs, which are hard to digest. Tomatoes being highly acidic, interrupt in the digestion of starch and result in bloating.

8. Yogurt with Fruit

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This is a usual breakfast menu in every family. But what you consider healthy is actually unhealthy. When protein rich yogurt combines with acidic fruit, it lowers digestive fibers and produces toxins. Also, it can torture you with cold allergies.

9. Fruit after a meal


In an attempt to be healthy, we sometimes prefer a fruit over chocolate cake or ice cream. Once you are full, this counts for a bad idea, as eating fruit after meal doesn’t goes well with other foods. This is because it needs no digestion; thereby, causing the other food to stay in the stomach for a much longer time.

10. Meat and Potatoes

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Most of us love enjoying meat with grilled or mashed potatoes. Well, these foods when consumed together can lead to digestive issues. Stomach problems are possible owing to lack of fiber.

11. Lemons and Cough Syrup

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Lemons are capable of blocking the enzymes that break down statins and other drugs, including dextromethorphan, the cough suppressant. When not broken down, the medicine builds up in the bloodstream and leads to certain side effects.

12. Bananas and Milk

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Not only they create a heavy feeling but are also a toxin forming combination. They result in heaviness and slow down the mind.

13. Apple Juice and Allergy Medicines


Nectar from apples disturbs the absorption of the allergy medicine in the bloodstream. As a result, effect of the medicine reduces by up to 70%.

We are sure most of these food combinations must have shocked you. Though you may find it hard to resist gushing over them together but you got to do that because HEALTH IS THE REAL WEALTH.

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