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Angelina Jolie’s Doctor Reveals Effective Measures For Breast Cancer

Celebrity Life Insider : Angelina Jolie’s Doctor Reveals Effective Measures For Breast Cancer

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“Wearing pink ribbon, she walked for miles in order to tell people – It happens. The banner in her hand said, ‘My fallen hair, dark circled eyes and dry skin can be a story of any women who is happy, funny or stern. Let’s talk about it, Breast Cancer is not a shame.’ To save life of your loved ones, be aware.”- Story of a cancer survivor

In USA, one in eight women is at risk of developing breast cancer once in her lifetime. This is such a severe number that it includes 12% of American women suffering from some sort of breast cancer. There are no less than 15 types of breast cancer which could affect women and rarely men too.

Dr. Kristi Funk, founder of Pink Lotus Breast Center, is a renowned surgical breast specialist who covered the news headlines in 2013 for performing preventive double mastectomy on the sultry actress of century, Angelina Jolie. Out of lot of criticism, Dr. Kristi has been actively talking about breast cancer in her news covers and interviews with leading media groups. She stands by her knowledge and inculcates women to raise their voices and awareness along with her.

Dr. Funk has a strong medical background and experience when it comes to women health. Her sole agenda has been to promote good health through natural therapy and diets. As it is said, “Everything is secondary if it takes toll on health.” According to WHO, only 15% or less patients report someone from close family suffering from breast cancer. The truth is, breast cancer is majorly a lifestyle-caused disease and rarely a genetic defect.

Let’s look at some of the natural diets and lifestyle habits she asks her patients and other women to follow :

1. Add Cruciferous Vegetables In Daily Meals

These ‘cross-bearing’ green leafy vegetables like kale, cauliflower, horseradish, cabbage, broccoli and other plants of this family, are known to have potential detoxification of carcinogens. Women should improve their diet with green and leaf veggies.

2. One Cup Berries Every Morning

Berries are straight dose of antioxidants. These compounds hate free radicals and they eat them away from your body. Smoothies or a blueberry pie, however you like, but do eat berries of any kind in the morning.

3. Turmeric Is Important Spice

Asian women are less likely to have this disease unlike American women and studies suggest the relationship of their turmeric-included diet. Turmeric has ample amount of benefits and flushes out toxins instantly.

4. Indian Gooseberry For Antioxidant Shots & Vitamin C

Shortly named Amla in India, this amazing fruit has 90% of Vitamin C on nutritional chart and it has maximum antioxidants on earth. One berry a day, keeps doctor away. You can consume organic amla powder too.

5. Regular Mushrooms In Diet

Funk believes button mushrooms have nutrients which help to prevent breast cancer.

6. Consume Soy Diet

In recent studies, Soy products like soy milk, tofu, tempeh, etc provide health benefits in case of presence of cancer cells in the body. Unlike what doctors used to advocate for, Dr. Funk gives a clear green signals to these products.

7. Go With Plain Soap Bars

If you’re into using deodorant soaps, antibacterial soaps or other chemically treated soaps then it is time that you switch your ways and make use of regular or plain soap bars. This reduces the chances of absorbing toxics and chemicals in skin.

8. Buy Organic Fruits & Vegetables

When you eat fruits and veggies with their peel on, there are chances that you’d take in the absorbed chemicals used as pesticides and antibiotics. In order to avoid these toxins, only eat organically grown veggies. It might cost you a bit but nothing’s more important than health.

9. Clean Your House Regularly

Your house holds lots of toxins which goes unnoticed. This calls for regular dusting and vacuuming of your carpets, bed and other parts of house and household things.

10. Put more and more of household plants

Plants absorb free radicals, dust and toxins from the air. Keep household plants which could survive inside environment of your house. This is a great way of keeping your house close to nature as well as replenishes air.

These 10 amazing ideas by Dr. Kristi Funk are life changing for many of her patients. If you think it inspired you and made an impact on you, then write to us. Also, if you think there’s more to this list, help us to update our readers. As a team, we can work and change destiny of many cancer survivors. Are you with us?

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