Want Inspiration To Lose Weight? Presenting Weight Loss Journey Of Chrissy Metz

Want Inspiration To Lose Weight? Presenting Weight Loss Journey Of Chrissy Metz

Being a plus-size woman is not an easy race, especially if one is a Hollywood celebrity. Chrissy Metz, a renowned name in the world of successful plus-size actresses knows this harsh reality extremely real along with the challenges that accompany obesity. The inspiring lady has often shared how her weight makes her the victim of online bullying quite often. What makes her worth appreciating in dealing with all the harsh comments is the composure she shows and kindness she uses in responding to the negative words. Today, Metz has become a voice for females who are not blessed with a naturally trim body and who receive backlash by the society.

A Flashback Into Her Childhood

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The 38-year-old actress has been always open about telling the world how she suffered with obesity right from her childhood. Born chubby, there were times when she was thinner and actively participated in various sports. While her friends were able to eat whatever they wished, Chrissy knew how eating as per her heart’s content would add more to her already excess weight.

The Contract That Changed Chrissy’s Life

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While essaying the role as Kate Pearson in the popular drama series, This Is Us, Chrissy experienced something she never felt before. As per her character in the show, she had to shed excess weight, something that was all about determination and a lot of hard work. Though the clause was challenging, it was very well accepted by her since the struggle to get in shape was something she could connect personally.

As losing weight was a prerequisite to be a part of the show and there was no way she can do it otherwise, Chrissy got a powerful reason to take the matter seriously. However, the actress in no way wanted her fans to get any negative message nor she wanted them to believe how the so-called beauty standards set by the glamour world are a must to survive. She made sure her people knew that it was her choice to do what she believes is best for her health.
In her own words, she said, “Whether or not I lose weight or stay the same, it’s purely a choice of mine for health. Not because I think that plus size, curvy, voluptuous, big bodies aren’t attractive—because I think they’re awesome
and sexy.”

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The Final Wake-Up Call

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During her initial 30s, Metz transformed on her own. During her interview with People magazine, she unveiled that constant rejection from Hollywood affected her deeply on an emotional level. While she was trying to look strong on the outside, she was gaining more & more weight and making her towards depression.
It was when he faced a health scare, Chrissy realized the severity of the matter and how complicated everything had become. If this was not enough, she started having heart palpitations which made her feel her life was in danger. Is that all? Nope. Metz met doctors who told her that this was it and she can’t live like this anymore. And then what? Well, her wake-up call rang and it rang loud.
Realizing how it was her only chance to do something worthy, she worked on improving her mental state. Luckily, it helped her physical state and for the good reasons. Consuming 2,000 calories a day and going for regular walk of 20 minutes every day, Chrissy lost 100 pounds in less than five months. Since then, she makes sure keeping excess weight at bay by striving towards improving her lifestyle through planned diet and regular exercise, something which was a part of her weight-loss contract with the producers of the series, This Is Us.

Metz says that she hasn’t given herself a target in terms of weight or size. What matters to her is how she feels while looking at herself. For her, feeling better is what matters above all.

To discuss her weight-loss journey along with her childhood, career and more, she has written her very own book, This Is Me: Love the Person You are Today. The actress for sure is an inspiration for those who have lost hopes and believe that nothing will help them to lose the extra flab.

If you too are upset with your extra weight, start working towards it. Apart from enhancing your health and overall look, you too can become a motivational source for millions of lives.

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