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Conceivably Cup Of Coffee Enhances Longevity

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

According to a latest research conducted on almost half a million Europeans it was found that drinking three cups of coffee may help you add years to your life.

Lengthening life can never be as easy as having extra coffee. Spread of this news initially took the health industry by storm. All the coffee lovers bet to their families about the awesomeness of adding one more cup of coffee to the regular brews of theirs. But wait you don’t need to rush to fetch more coffee as yet as there are speculations to be considered of the non-believers. They have their own apprehensions that make some point. As the research was conducted on huge group of healthy people thriving all over Europe, you have to take other factors into account which are more effective from time immemorial.


The point of reference is the study that was piloted by elite group of International Agency for research on Cancer and Imperial College London say that they found coffee linked with lowering risk of death due to heart diseases and diseases of the gut. The research was done on the healthy individuals over the age of 35 years from 10 different European nations. These people were asked for the daily coffee intake and then looked at deaths over 16 years on an average. However the people suffering from cardiac and other conditions were excluded from the study.

Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter, from the University of Cambridge, scrutinizes the study and said that if the decreased mortality has something to do with coffee, then adding an extra cup of coffee every day would add years to life of an individual. To be precise it would extend the life of a man by around 3 months and a woman by a month on an average.


Despite of the findings in favor of coffee, desperation is to be handled. Does it protect your health some way or other- is still to find answers. First, it is still not announced that coffee is the magical ingredient for your good health. Moreover, the findings are ambiguous enough to raise doubts. You cannot rule out the other significant possibilities associated with reduced number of deaths in coffee fiends. There are high probabilities that the people who afford third cup of coffee are rich than others. This is why they are healthy as they are utilizing the money they have for better health and lifestyle.

At the same time, they can be the person who love to socialize more and that is why they sit with friends and family to talk and laugh. Staying connected and happy has got tremendous benefits on wellbeing of any person. While the benefits of drinking more coffee are still under clouds, the risks are not hidden. Over consumption of coffee in females causes ovarian cancer.

Leave behind the contradictions and conflict in the study, instead talk about and take up the proven healthy habits for long, healthy and happy life. Walk down to the famous coffee shop with a friend and then decide whether to have it or skip it for good only.

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