Diet & Fitness Plan: The Journey Begins With First Step

Diet & Fitness Plan: The Journey Begins With First Step

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

“By choosing healthy over skinny you are choosing self-love over self-judgment.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Everyone dreams of waking up in a body that is trimmed and fitted as per over-rated dimensions. Some find it best to keep it in the dreams and some make sure, they’re sweating every inch daily to be where they dream of. However, there’s just a little piece of population who considers indulging in the healthy fitness routine which keeps your body and mind balanced and not pressurized to fall in the category of hour glass or android type body shape.

What to do to make your body feel like heaven?

You have to like what you are doing for a long time. Just like motivation, exercising has to be done daily to keep the effect for longer. Let’s look at some of the tips to keep it strong and keep it going :

My Best Friend, Water

For anyone and everyone, water is that essential fluid which keeps you hydrated and helps your body to absorb essential nutrients. Whether you are or not into any type of physical training; you have to drink plenty of water. Apparently, it has been proved that water takes away toxins and supports removal of accumulated fats. Ditch your soda and sip some H2O.

Timely and Proper Meal

Nobody rises with the thought that they’d eat 10 chocolates and lose 10Kg in a day! Yet many might believe those insane diets that would harm your vital organs by depriving them with needed nutrients. The best way to aim a fit body is by keeping right check on your habits. You are expected not to skip any meal, indulge in junk food too often or eat lesser than required. The focus should be on improving your natural metabolism.

Exercise To Stay Active

Exercising is, no doubt, the important part of a healthy regime. The more of sweat, the more you get. There is no possibility to loss weight or stay active without moving a muscle. Talk it out with your trainer – gym, zumba, yoga, dance etc. To frame out a routine for you which you are comfortable in performing each day.

Keep It Exciting With New Challenges

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you are not welcoming changes in your exercise or diet routines then you’ll get bored off sooner. You must have an alternative day workout session which includes something new activities like swimming, tennis, rock climbing, etc.

Have Healthy Snacks By Your Side Always

The hunger pangs can attack you anytime which are a great diet-buster. You must carry healthy on-the-go snacks in your bag and on your office desk so that you are determined to stay on diet, irrespective of how difficult it is to resist some carbs down the belly.

Choose The Suited Playlist For Yourself

Music tends to make you work better. The reason, why everyone in gym and on morning walk seems to plug in their headphones. Your body gets to the tune of your song and hangs around doing more exercise. Also, it is always considered necessary while training with a partner so that you don’t fall in long conversation during workout session. It improves your efficiency.

Select Your Workout Partner

Doing it with your hubby, best friend, mom or someone from your close peeps will help you to keep a tab on your activities as well as their activities. Also, your partner will help you not to miss out on diet and workout. It is a great way to keep yourself motivated to follow fitness regime.

The regime for a fit body starts with a strong mind and one decision. You must keep your progress under scale to get inspired by seeing it happening on your body. After all, your body is the ultimate home.

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