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Do You Know How Cheat Meals Affect Your Weight Loss?

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Oh God! I’m so exhausted counting calories all day and keeping check on everything I eat. I desperately want a cheat day once a week where I am free to eat anything I want and how much I want. Is this your story? Are you craving for that one fixed day a week when you can fulfill your desire to eat like there’s no tomorrow? Well, you would be surprised to know that there’s no such thing like a ‘cheat day’. Sad but true! So, what else this harsh reality has got? Read below and unveil…

There’s no denying the fact that calorie counting is pain in the butt. Measuring portions and reading labels turns annoying after few weeks. With a belief of continuing healthy eating along with a scheduled day when eating everything is allowed, most of us count on ‘cheating’. Unfortunately, it does more bad than good. Check out the valid reasons that prove how cheating affects your progress:

  • It’s human tendency to indulge in few extra treats or sweets on the cheat day.
  • You eat anything and everything you have been craving for throughout the week.

These two facts clear how this ‘particular day’ derails the weight loss efforts because your focus shifts to eating without thinking.

Replace Cheating With Faithful Eating Plan

Replace Cheating With Faithful Eating Plan

Desire to cheat the diet is not your fault as it is the result of plain, tedious, restrictive and boring diet which can’t be followed for long. Try some smart strategies for healthy and interesting eating habits. Here they are:

Embrace all foods: Always remember that no single food leads to weight gain. This is because weight management depends on overall calorie intake and not on restricting particular foods or ingredients. Instead of categorizing food into “good” or “bad,” it is better to change the food language. For instance,

  • Instead of calling a food ‘bad’, say “It has got lot of calories and I will have it in moderation.”
  • Instead of crying over ‘cheating’, say “I ate more than I should have but that’s quite natural with everyone once in awhile. It is not any crime and I won’t beat myself up over it.”
  • Instead of saying “I ruined it,” say “I ate more calories than I intended, but I am in control now.”

Enjoy those “off limits” foods in smaller portions: In your eating plan, try to add food you once considered ‘bad’. Make sure not to feel upset if you occasionally eat too much of a food you once considered “off limits.” It is normal to eat large quantities of a food as it can be moderated with practice and time. One good way is enjoying every bite and taking your time to eat. When eating snacks, make them last at least 15 minutes; whereas, take 30 minutes when eating meals. Keep distractions such as television and computer away while eating.

Talk to the Food

Talk to the Food

Though this sounds silly but you should try speaking to the food you love or craving for. For instance, ask that slice of cheesecake: “Will you love me? Will you be my friend? Will you reassure me? Of course, the answer is a straight ‘NO’. The only best it can offer you is a moment of temporary delight which is followed by regret. Why go crazy for it then? Show a bit attitude and avoid it like you don’t really need it. Remember, you deserve better and you can give yourself much more than that.

The Bottom Line

Love everything but in limit. Don’t starve yourself from eating food you love as it won’t let you concentrate on
healthy eating. Maintain a cordial relation with food and let it love you back.

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