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Do You Know Marijuana & Other Weeds Put The Kibosh On Your Libido?

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Smoking a weed might make you think being in love; studies think otherwise. Those frequent pot sessions can kill your sexual drive not for a few days but for lifetime. Read on further to discover how marijuana and other weeds take a toll on your sex life.

What you take as a usual drug is actually a poison that can bring an end to your love sessions. Studies have revealed that marijuana leads to sexual problems in many couples. Weak orgasms and lack of desire make their ways and sex dies an unnatural death.

Though the mechanism for weeds to result in erectile dysfunction is still uncovered, it is believed that marijuana increases prolactin production. End result, decreased testosterone. Wait, is there a need to let you recall how important the hormone is for ejaculation, erection and orgasm?

Sex experts have found that men addicted to smoking marijuana have less seminal fluid and lower sperm count. Talking about the worst part, whatever sperm they have is abnormal. In other words, their chances of infertility double up.

As far as women are concerned, marijuana inhibits ovulation. Its consumption during pregnancy results in variety of harmful effects on the fetus including physical and neurobehavioral abnormalities. Moreover, it increases possibility of premature delivery.

Weeds Stop You From Reaching The Climax


Smoking weeds can become your reason to refuse love making. Though excuses can save for a day or two, things will eventually drift you and your sweetheart apart. HOW? Check these points…

Low testosterone levels: When marijuana goes in, level of testosterone falls down. Libido is lost and so is the stamina. Want to know the embarrassing part? Low testosterone can trigger the development of ‘male boobs.’


Poor blood circulation: Getting and maintaining erections for satisfying intercourse turns hard when circulation of blood is poor.


Shrinked Penis: Now you may find this senseless but it is true to some extent. Weeds reduce elasticity of the connective tissues of the penis. With time, penile length shortens with a centimeter or more.


Low Sex Drive: Studies have found that frequent pot sessions make one less interested in sex.


Affects Fertility: Women smoking marijuana experience lower sexual libido along with reduced fertility. Other issues include vaginal dryness, which stands in the way of long and pleasant sex.


Tetrahydrocannabinol or (THC) is an active ingredient found in marijuana that affects both men and women with infertility disorders. Also, it degrades sperm count and quality.

Interferes With Personal Behavior


As per studies, weeds decrease inhibitions, which is why chances of high risk sexual behavior and sexually transmitted infection outgrow to a large extent.

Not Just Sex, Weeds Ruin More


Depression and low libido go hand in hand. Anxiety in this arena of life affects matters other than sexual intimacy. When an individual has no clue about the reason behind low sex drive, they become depressed, which can lead to a series of physical and mental disorders.

Bottom Line


Regularly smoking weeds puts one at an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Being a drug, marijuana or any other weed is always a danger. Though keeping away is the best advice, consult a health care professional for normal dose, if overcoming the habit is hard for you.

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