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8 Exercises To Enhance Sexual Prowess Like Anything

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

People losing their sexual energy is something that’s dramatically affecting both genders in the present generation. So it brings the question in the notice as to how does one increase and meet their-their sexual urges?

Fixing an appointment with medical experts and undergoing various sorts of treatments not only costs high but often leads to serious consequences too. What if you get to know that hitting the gym is one of the superior ways that can help improve sexual prowess? Yes, you read the right! Besides helping in losing weight, certain exercises help in enhancing strength, physical

stamina, and overall flexibility. For a healthy and satisfying relationship with your partner, you need to work on all these crucial attributes. We have clubbed a workout program that combines bodyweight strength moves with targeted stretches. The best part, you can either add it to the end of your regular exercise regime or do it as a stand-alone circuit.

Tip: Perform each of the 4 sections as a super-set. Before moving on to the next pair of exercises, complete 3 sets. Focus on doing 15-20 reps for strength moves, followed by repeating or holding each until failure. Make sure you rest for 30 seconds between the sets.


It’s all about simple sexual physics here. In other words, the longer you support your body weight, the longer you will offer and receive. Is there anything better than adding more pleasure this simple?

1. Swiss-ball press-up

Works for: Shoulders, triceps, and chest

Best for: The Missionary

The technique: Place your shins on a Swiss ball and try getting into a press-up position. Now, lower towards the floor, push back up and repeat.

2. Lower-back lie-down

Works for: Lower back, abs

Best for: The Full-Court Press

The technique: Lie on your back with feet on the floor. Now, bring your knees towards your chest and grasp your legs behind the knees. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat it as many times as possible.


The powerp of sexual athleticism improves when you strengthen your leg muscles. Moreover, better hip flexibility brings more range in the movements.

1. Hinge bow

Works for: Quads

Best for: The Aerobics

The technique: Place a mat and kneel on it with knees at 90-degrees. Now, keep your head and back in line with your thighs and lean back. Hold as it is for 2-3 seconds. Repeat.

2. Hip flexor lunge

Works for: Hips

Best for: The T-bar

The technique: Step forward in a way that your feet are a meter apart with knees slightly bent. Now, push your pelvis forward to feel a stretch. Hold this for 30 seconds and then swap legs.


Endurance exercises help in preventing muscles from quitting soon when they are actually needed.

1. Lying gluteal bridge

Works for: Glutes and hamstrings

Best for: Bent Over and The Carnal Classic

The technique: Lie on your back with knees bent. Now, squeeze your glutes and lift them off the floor until the body forms a straight line. Hold this for 3 seconds.

2. Sock slide

Works for: Shoulders, triceps, and chest

Best for: The Cave Method

The technique: First thing needed for this exercise is socks and a slippery surface. Imagine the push-up position. Keep your hands still, slide your body back and then slide forwards until your belly is over the hands. That’s one rep.


1. Crossover stretch

If there isn’t suppleness, strength is useless. Flexibility and power enable one to maintain sensations for an extended period. What else? It will give you more satisfaction.

Works for: Deep core and pelvic floor

Best for: Reverse Missionary

The technique: Lie on your back with knees bent. Now, pull right knee to chest. Grab the outside of the knee with the left hand and bring it towards left shoulder. Hold like this for 30 seconds. Alternate your legs and repeat.

2. Kneeling leg crossover

Works for: Lower back and abs

Best for: The Wheelbarrow

The technique: Get on all fours and straighten right leg behind you, angling it to the right with toes touching the floor. Lift your right leg up and over the left leg. Reverse and repeat.

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