The Guide To Use HerbalCart’s Diet Planner Effectively & Intelligently

The Guide To Use HerbalCart’s Diet Planner Effectively & Intelligently

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

The latest addition to HerbalCart’s amazing services is The Free Diet Planner.

Health and food have direct connection. The interlink is so strong which makes us to say, “Everything that goes inside will impact all horizon of your body.” Junk food, aka Junkies have exploded our modern lifestyle with lab synthesized chemicals, GMO products and various health complexities. States of America is steadily turning into States of Obesity with every third person qualifying for overweight tag.

Why is Diet Plan helpful for your body?

“We have these weapons of mass destruction on every street corner, and they’re called donuts, cheeseburgers, French fries, potato chips, junk food.” – Joel Furhman

It is rightly quoted that we are surviving on junk food diet until our body starts to throw tantrums on us. When we fall sick too often, it’s our dying immunity. When we have skin problems, it’s lack of replenishing nutrients. When we suffer from chronic disease, blame your diet. As you can see, your diet has much important work to do rather than filling your appetite with unhealthy food.

How can our Diet Planner help you?

The world is full of variety- food & people. Everybody differs from other. Therefore, we have different diets- Ketogenic , Atkin, Paleo, Vegan, Dukan, Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Zone, HCG and others. Now when you know, you should be monitoring your diet then you must know how and how much. Just like Orson Welles was suggested to do, “My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people.” The dedicated team of health experts at HerbalCart believes to customize and tailor the diet of people as per their body type, age, sex and other essential parameters.

How should one proceed?

Check out the steps to use our diet planner in order to generate your personal diet for yourself:

Step 1 : Personal Information

Tell us about yourself so that we can contact you, update you and keep you in our directories as
our treasured customer. Fill out your name, contact detail and email address.

Step 2 : Gender

Men and women have different daily nutritional value which should be maintained in order to keep yourself away from falling sick or prey to malnutrition.

Step 3 : Physical Routine/ Exercise

We take physical activity into effect to know, how much calorie do you burn in a day. There are 5 options :

  • A good 5-mile run
  • Switching between lifting weights and cardio
  • I often go for a walk, but not regularly
  • Pushing the cart at the grocery store
  • I walk to the fridge if that counts

You have to choose one from the list as per the relative value of your physical activity. People who are regularly working out in gym can choose “Switching between lifting weights and cardio”, those who go for morning walks can choose “A good 5-mile run” and those who believe exercising is placebo medicine for weight loss can choose “I walk to the fridge if that counts”

Step 4 : Your lifestyle majors

What to do you do? An employee on computer, field officer or scientist? Let us know how your everyday is on scale of still-to-running. On basis of your daily routine/job, we’ll get to estimate your body’s regular activity.

Step 5 : Your enemies

Alcohol, smoking, stress or sleep – we would like you to tell us what is causing you to fall for an unhealthy life. These are usually the agents of hell which are addictive or seem unavoidable. You can choose from an exhaustive list of bad habits given on the page. Your information is crucially confidential and your trust on us is the badge for us.

Step 6 : Meals Per Day

We’d like to know about your eating habits so that we’ll frame a diet as per your schedule that keeps you well hydrated, nutri-fied and healthy. Is it once, twice or more times that you eat in a day? Choose an option!

Step 7 : Your preference

Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian or Vegan? With our services, you are not forced to follow a diet which is not meant for you. Our sole purpose is to give you a plan which is realistic, proper and integrates with your lifestyle instantly.

Step 8 : Your Measurements

We’d like to know your Age, Height & Weight accurately to generate your BMI and BMR so that we can have full information of your health status.

Step 9 : Your Aim

What brought you here to have a diet plan for yourself? Let us know if you want to :

  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscles
  • Transform Your Body

This gives us the clear picture of your aim and we keep your motive at priority while generating your report.

Step 10 : Result!!

This is all that you had to do. Review your reports which are calculated as per standards of the industry. Your diet plan is delivered to your email address as provided in Step 1. You should go through the plan and contact our experts through mail or call for further assistance.

Exercise, Eat Healthy & Sleep – The essentials of growing into the body that is naturally strengthened and immunized.

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