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8 Emerging Health and Wellness Trends 2021

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:54 am

Health and Wellness Trends 2021

Health is indeed a treasure. Good health is life’s nectar that makes every experience taste sweet. Before we discuss the emerging health and wellness trends, let us discover in a nutshell what this year packs in the health department.

According to some, 2021 is the year of ‘mental and spiritual health’ while some have officially declared it the year of ‘mindful sleep’ and the time when finally ‘healthy dying’ is going to be given as much importance as ‘healthy living.’ The Internet is flooded with scores of articles that talk about health and wellness trends at length. It is easy to get confused and lost. Therefore, we have handpicked the eight most important health trends that are worth following and inculcating.

Straightforward Skincare Routines:

Straightforward Skincare Routines

Since staying at home shifted our budgets away from expensive spa services, clothes shopping, shoes, makeup, etc., we were left with more time to check out and buy at-home skincare products. However, after trying all these products for about a year, people have realized that most of these products are either unnecessary or too much for anyone to handle, leaving a lot of chaos and skepticism from people with dull and dry skin. Because we’re all broke, we would be joyful and happy if we can settle into a consistent and straightforward skincare routine that would save us from all the damage we might have done in 2020 and which can save us money as well.

Wellness for the community:

Wellness for the community

A prominent health and wellness trend for 2021 is a drastic shift from self-care to community care. The pandemic has revealed various flaws in our society and system. Therefore, we would soon start to address them as we recognize our responsibility to do something within our potential. We will begin to frame wellness differently – from something that is for me’ to placing it as something that is for everyone.’ The secret to immense happiness is helping other people. This awareness is growing and has also been proved by scientific research, which will further emerge. People will prioritize giving back, donating more than usual, using their potential to address system problems that are present in their lives, offices, and neighborhoods.



We all would agree, meditation has never been out of trend. Healing practices like meditation, zen, etc. have been around for centuries and they will remain so. As mentioned earlier, 2021 is packed with meditation and mindfulness which is simply being conscious about the surroundings and aware of everything around ourselves. Meditation is the one-word answer to all kinds of mental troubles. This year, however, it is going a level higher with kundalini yoga, mindful traveling and meditative art/crafts. Turning attention inwards, peeps are switching their screens off and zoning off to guided meditation. It is proven that meditating regularly increases grey matter in the brain and boosts emotional intelligence, learning, and memory.

Walk-and-talk Therapy:

Walk and talk Therapy

This is another health and wellness trend in 2021. Due to safety concerns, various therapists have stopped seeing clients in the office and are engaging in safer alternatives like teletherapy.
Many therapists and clients long to see each other face to face, even though teletherapy continues to be a safer way of delivering therapy services. Various therapists have started doing walk-and-talk sessions with their clients in nature, on beaches and roads, and are expecting eco-therapy to become quite famous in 2021. Walk-and-talk therapy helps clients and therapists to feel connected while moving together in nature.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) for Weight Loss:

Intermittent Fasting

Gone are the days when skipping meals was unhealthy. Intermittent fasting is our first winner in health and wellness trends 2021. This weight-loss trend calls for fasting from 12-24 hours for a minimum of 3-4 days per week, a sort of an alternate cycle of eating and fasting. This lowers Glycogen levels in the body, causing the body to release stored fat to process energy. Caloric restriction (CR) is a process associated with IF that could lead to a longer lifespan. In general, intermittent fasting (IF) improves gastrointestinal comfort, cardiovascular health and makes your day simpler.

Some popular intermittent fasting cycles:

1. The 16/8 method: Eat meals only within 8 hours, fast for the remaining 16 hrs.
2. The 5:2 fasting: For 2 days reduce calorie intake to 500-600, eat normally for 5 days.
3. Eat-Fast-Eat Routine: Fast straight for 24 hrs once or twice every week.
4. Alternate Day Fast: 24 hr long fast every other day.
5. Random: Skip meals whenever convenient.

Mindfulness and intuitive eating:

Mindfulness and intuitive eating

People would continue to practice mindfulness and intuitive eating; therefore, it will remain an important health and wellness trend in 2021. People will stop following restrictive diets, especially those that criticize certain macronutrients, like Carbohydrates, Fats, etc. People will start embracing all kinds of food by upcycling the food waste, which means taking foods or ingredients that are usually thrown away and making delicious meals or snacks out of them. It is a crucial step towards a healthier, environmentally sustainable, and more purposeful future.

Anti-Aging Supplements:

Anti-Aging Supplements

The desire to keep oneself full of energy, lively and happy is universal. Therefore, taking anti-aging supplements is a significant health and wellness trend in 2021. While aging is inevitable, increasing human life and slowing the aging process has been a focus of scientific research for a very long time. Research in the anti-aging field is promising, and the global market is seeing unprecedented growth. Anyone can tell age by looking at one’s skin, and most anti-aging or cosmetic products have been focused on the outside. However, the game is changing now as a novel market of anti-aging supplements that restores youth from the inside by filling in the nutritional gaps is emerging rapidly. These anti-aging supplements such as NMN, Resveratrol, etc. promote longevity and keep signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines at bay, thus delaying the onset of age-related problems.

Digital Wellbeing:

Digital Wellbeing

The digital era today demands that we look into screens, stay online, and be surrounded by gadgets all day long. In 2021, people are shortening their ‘on-screen time.’ Focus has shifted towards ‘quality sleep’ post shutting down all screens. The importance of sound sleep cannot be emphasized enough since it is the healing mechanism of the body. Without sleep, there is no repair, no growth, no immunity, and thus, declining health. Work cultures promote power napping to boost performance and creativity.

Apart from the top 5 major trends listed above, groundbreaking disruptive technology and practices are changing the outlook to a healthy lifestyle. Smart wearables that track health indicators (pulse, blood pressure), convenient gadgets, digital trainers, and novel food technology are changing the game of health and wellness in 2021. Apart from wearable tech, the health sector is seeing some revolutionary technology replace the old diet and workout routine. Work culture is being redefined to become health sustainable.

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