How Does Exercise Cause Skin Aging?


One might think how lame it is to blame exercise for skin aging? Yes. There’s a reason to everything. While to fit into that old denim is what everyone dreams of when they start their regime but exercising is not the beginning at all. The coin has two sides. The other side is where the aging occurs!

Know The Science Behind!
The fitness routine asks its followers to cut down on fats and sugar. Drastic cut down of meals ridiculously affects the healthy metabolism of the body. The body gets accustomed to release hormones and digestive enzyme to break down the food. When a sudden abolition of fats and sugar is introduced, the body gets confused which naturally affects the biological environment of the digestive system. Troubles in this region are birth to various disease and degradation of skin. For people above 40 years of biological age have skin lightening issues already which advance due to weary exercises.

Would you like to know how your actions affect your numbers?
Here, numbers of your skin age and not your waist. Let’s see how exercises could reverse the purpose of having a young body.


Run for miles in morning and burn calories, wish science was that simple. It is not. If you bargain a lot on your health by eating unhealthy food all day and run an extra mile in the morning, then it’s just a fool-trap. Running induces a lot of sweat and the skin pores are collecting baskets in the morning. Pores collect all your skin dirt, fatty oils, and salts. If this is not enough, the skin suffers grave effects of UV rays. It is essential to apply a sweat-proof sunscreen. Also, wash your face to removes the dirt settled on your face before and after running.


Whenever you’d hear weight loss, it’d get accompanied by ‘Cardio’. A great way and gym-lovers favorite exercise, Cardio, is a set of exercises that pumps up heart rate, burns calories and cuts down the thick fat. It does everything that includes breakdown of tissues and releasing lots of free radicals in the body. Free-radicals are poison to skin. They are unstable and extremely reactive with living cells. In fact, they destroy DNA of skin cells and also damages collagen and elastin protein that gives the skin its youthful look.


Yoga has been in lives from the era of saints. However, a little knowledge is dangerous. People, who are involved in yoga, might be stretching too much and damaging their muscles in an unhealthy manner. Vital fact is everyone’s different and so is the body need. When you involve in facial yoga, thinking, to pump up your facial nerves and produce a glowing skin with all the facial stretching, you are not actually doing any good. The stretching promotes sagging skin because the collagen and elastin proteins are destroyed. ‘Pumping’ effect might be due to the swelled up damaged nerves which last little longer. After some time, it goes away and a more sagged skin appears.
However, there are ways to prevent the side-effects of exercising. The first precaution taken should be is to not let the skin shrink due to dehydration. Water not only serves as a hydrating compound but also helps to deliver important vitamin and minerals to the damaged skin cells. Binge on green and healthy veggie-foods. One may prefer organic supplements to enhance the metabolism process. Better the metabolism, better the nutrients absorption in the body.

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