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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Rid of Love Handles.

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Love Handles


We all have a lean body and a flat stomach in the beginning of our twenties, but as we progress down that decade, body fat starts to haunt us. Nearing the end of twenties, we all (especially males) begin to develop a bulge in the stomach and fat pockets on the sides and in the back portion. This fat accumulates as a result of an unbalanced lifestyle, eating junk and neglecting exercise. Once it appears, it is extremely hard to get rid of. Even if you join the gym and exercise daily, nothing will cut it down. However, a combination of the right nutrition regimen, a healthy diet plan, workout regime and a few changes in your lifestyle can help immensely in getting that flab off your body. If you work sincerely on these key areas, you will not only get your fit body back but also a healthy body and a great physique that will enhance your personality.

If you thought it is easy to lose love handles, you know by now that you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Belly fat is the most stubborn kind of fat in the whole body. Practising just one thing out of three wouldn’t get you anywhere. You need to combine all the three, nutrition, lifestyle changes and workout to achieve the collective result of all three which is decreasing body fat and your waist size! Let’s talk about these three things one by one:

Part 1: Right nutrition for the right shape:


Nutrition plays a crucial role in shaping the body, the right nutrition can take down body fats and improve the overall fitness too. First we discuss some important nutrition tips and then talk about some awesome foods for belly fat that you’ll love to eat and will work like magic to put you back in shape.

Opt for healthy carbs:

Healthy complex carbs provide energy for longer durations, thus, keeping you from excessive eating because of hunger pangs. Keep your hunger saturated by upping the intake of healthy carbs.

Use natural sweeteners/ stevia:

Artificial sweeteners can hold fats in the body even though they themselves have zero calories. Depend on fruits or natural sweetening agents like Stevia to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Focus on healthy fats/ avoid trans fats:

Healthy fats can actually help in cutting down body fat. Avocados, seeds, nuts, olive/coconut oils etc. are foods that contain healthy fats, add them to your diet.

Increase organic food intake:

Avoid packaged foods, use organic grocery wherever possible. Organic meat products have more Omega-3 fatty acids that help with weight loss.

Add spice to your food & life:

Spices are anti-inflammatory. Turmeric and ginger consumption keep away inflammation that triggers accumulation of body fat.

Increase water intake:

Water is an important part of this diet plan, ensure that you drink at least a gallon of water daily. Don’t hold on to thirst, or else your brain takes it for hunger making you eat even when not required.

Have a strategic meal plan:

To have a strategic meal plan means to know what to eat and when. Eating complex carbs is good pre and post exercise as it supplies you continuous energy for the workout, however, it is not that much of a good idea to eat them before sleep.

Limit alcohol and caffeine:

Too much of alcohol can cause an unchecked intake of extra calories. Coffee may be fine if limited to a couple of cups but mind the liquid calories, sugar and the milk.

Go green, not white:

Eat more green leafy vegetables and avoid milk products as much as you can. Avoid butter, instead use olive/coconut oils. Lay off cheese and high fat milk products.

We have prepared an all inclusive perfect meal plan for you which you can follow without worrying about a thing:

Meal 1:

Half a serving of oats boiled in water and cinnamon; 1 whole egg + 3 scrambled egg whites with spinach, peppers, onions, and coconut oil and a cup of coffee with almond milk.

Meal 2:

Kale, berries, whey protein powder/supplement, a cup of green tea or a smoothie sprinkled with nuts.

Meal 3:

Green leafy salad with tomatoes, peppers, olive/coconut oil and vinegar, avocado and chicken breast; half serving of sweet potato and a cup of green tea.

Meal 4:

Fruit salad and whey protein supplement/powder shake.

Meal 5:

Salmon accompanied by lemon and garlic asparagus; green leafy veg salad leafy with olive/coconut oil and a bit of vinegar; a cup of green tea

Meal 6:

Egg whites (if you feel hungry)
Some great food for belly fat reduction:
Protein sources: chicken, whey powder, tofu, hemp, salmon, tuna shrimp.
Serving: with every meal

Complex/Healthy Carbs:

whole grain foods, brown rice, oats, multi-grain breads.
Serving: 3-4 portions a day.

Healthy Fats:

Nuts, coconut & olive oil, butters.
Serving: 2 portions per day


Green leafy vegetables, seasonal organically grown veggies.
Serving: Include in every meal.

Natural sugar sources:

Berries, fruits, melons, avocado, tomatoes.
Serving: 2 portions per day

Apart from these healthy foods you can try natural supplement that cut down fat. 1-2 doses daily can help in your efforts of losing body weight without any side-effects.

Part 2: Lifestyle changes matter a lot:


It was an improper lifestyle that gave you love handles and changing the lifestyle will reverse the damage too. Embrace a natural way of doing things, sleep early and wake up with sun to reset your body clock. Here are a few tips.

Sleep right:

A sleep deprived body can do nothing properly. It is unbalanced hormone wise which results in slowed metabolism and increased body fat. Inadequate sleep means more cortisol hormone that generates food craving making you eat ravenously which is unhealthy.

Let your body recover:

Don’t over exercise or over eat. Excess of anything will impede your progress for miles. Execute your plan in small steps and give regular breaks to your body to recover and replenish itself.

Start your day right:

Kickstart your day with drinking plenty of water and having fruits, this activates the digestive system improving its performance throughout the day.

Part 3: Training to lose fat:


Workout training is integral here to burn the fat and restore that flat stomach. However, believing that focus regimen on only the back and stomach areas will do the trick is naive. You need a proper workout plan that includes combination exercises to cut down all the fat stored in your belly and back. Here’s a suggested training plan which will work for most people if followed rigorously.

Day Wise Workout Plan:

Day 1: Whole body strengthening exercises
Day 2: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio exercises
Day 3: Whole body strength training
Day 4: Long marathon cardio
Day 5: Whole body strength training
Day 6: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio exercises
Day 7: Rest day- let your body recover
Combine all the three things we have discussed and you will see quick results. In combination these three things (diet, lifestyle & workout) will make your fat disappear as quickly as it came.

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