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How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety in Modern Life

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

“If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.” – Kris Carr

STRESS, a chaotic state, dares to appear when a life event or situation pressurizes an individual’s mind. Actual reason behind the unpleasant state differs from one person to another in conjunction with their genetic makeup, economic & social conditions and the environment they live in. Generally, losing control over something, facing something unexpected or experiencing something that bullies the ‘self’ feeling triggers the ‘stress’ button.

Each year, thousands of stressed people enter the ‘fight-or-flight’ state. Once they begin walking towards this path to self-destruction, the resulting pressure makes them feel incapable to deal with almost everything.

Among the major evils behind stress – divorce, demise of a loved one, money problems and loss of job are the ones to be blamed, says a research.

3 Signs Of Stress

Feelings like anger, anxiety, frustration, fear and grief are felt when emotional chords are attacked. These feelings, when transform into physical warnings, turn the situation beyond the tolerance limit.A stressed person has an out-of-the-box response to everything.

Furthermore, he/she:

  • Isn’t able to sleep
  • Becomes socially withdrawn
  • Behaves irritable
  • Becomes indecisive
  • May start drinking and smoking
  • Behaves aggressive and rude

Changes are possible in sexual life too.

Physical signs include feeling of nausea, headache and digestive troubles. Breathing rate increases, certain aches & palpitations make their way and the concerned individual perspires more. If stress attacks again and again, it affects memory, appetite and sleep pattern. Problems possible other than these are stomach ulcers, cardiovascular issues and bowel related.

NOTE: Weightless, a song by Marconi Union is found to reduce anxiety by 65%. Created in partnership with the sound therapists; wisely arranged rhythms, harmonies and bass lines of the song reduce blood pressure, slow down the heart rate and bring down the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

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Avoid These 8 Habits

Avoid habit

1. Obsessing over stress: Some people are habitual of recalling worrisome thoughts repeatedly. As found by neuroscientists, this attitude complicates things further by reinforcing the neural pathways for these particular thoughts. Be it anything, it progresses with practice and stress is no exception.

2. Not taking out the needed time: When a stressful phase gets over, one must breathe with full energy to recover mind and body. This way, stress response is calmed and facing the upcoming challenges gets easy.

3. Giving space to cravings: For some people, junk food, sweets and candies are the weapons to fight stress. Unfortunately, these innocent souls don’t realize that binge eating raises levels of serotonin, which makes them feel good for a short time. When these level fall, they feel even worse and cravings spike up more.

4. Discussing emotions 24/7: Though sharing problems with loved ones helps to feel better, talking about them excessively inhibits the hurtful emotions from fading and makes them stronger than before.

5. Not sleeping: Lack of sleep harms in every way. Inadequate shut down of eyes not just interrupts body’s natural resistance against stress but also shoots up mental illness.

6. Involving in sad news & shows: Every word that enters our ears and every sight that comes in front of our eyes has its impact. Research from Scandinavia has reported that reading violent news and watching tragedy shows accelerate anxiety as well as depression. Especially, when a person is stressed, such things should be taken care of.

7. Playing violent games: Despite being fun, these games put one in an anxious state by modifying the function of brain. No matter the game finishes, its changes last long.

8. Isolating: Family and friends provide constant support system; hence, isolation is a big no when stress bug bites. They may not solve the problems but they do bring down the sorrow of stressful phase.

NOTE: Rubbing the inside of earlobes and gently moving to the outside promotes a peaceful state of mind in less than 10 minutes.

Learn From The Mentally Strong People

Mentally Strong

Some people crumble when stressed but mentally tough people ace the situation like a warrior. For them, such times give them a platform to grow and evolve as someone who can’t be put down. So, how do they do it? These 7 points will explain:

1. They know – ‘stress is an element of life’

These people don’t let their mind clutter with things like, ‘Why do I have to go through this?’ For them – problems, hardships and setbacks are stages that can’t be stopped. When these unwelcoming issues occur, they utilize time to find out ways to move forward.

2. They are protective towards their health

Such people know the value of a fit and healthy body. Since a worn out body and being on an empty stomach restricts them from combating the stress, they maintain their diet & exercise and sleep for needed hours.

3. They make healthy choices

Depending on junk food, smoking and alcohol is not their idea to beat stress. Adopting a brave attitude, they feel these uncomfortable situations only to overpower them. For them, solace is all about going for a walk, indulging in a hobby and keeping busy.

4. They maintain balance between socializing and seclusion ?

These people believe in the positivity that comes while being with family and friends when things are going against them. At the same time, they steal away some ‘me time’ to be with their thoughts all alone.

5. They stand by their choices

From the time they get up in the morning till the time they get back to sleep again, these people follow their own command. They don’t mind saying no to things they are not comfortable with and gladly take responsibility for their behavior.

Did u know

  • Women are more susceptible to stress than men
  • Stress tortures the mind with constant worries
  • Stress may alter the normal menstrual cycle
  • Stress has been found to affect the libido
  • Stress causes chronic headache
  • Type 2 risks is also possible with stress

NOTE: According to researches, Kava root cures anxiety and is powerful against anxiety thoughts too. Its soothing effects play their magic to relieve sleeplessness, stress-related issues and restlessness.

Stress-Free Ending

Stress Free

Life is a rollercoaster ride with challenges, difficult situations and chaos lined up. Instead of running from this universal fact, accepting it with brave heart is the ideology to follow. When the battle seems impossible to tackle and gets in the way of happiness, a health expert should be consulted. Right therapy, support from loved ones and of course, courage of stand strong puts an end to every inch of mess.

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