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Human Longevity – Tips To Add More Healthy Years To Your Life

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Old age, a phase in life when joints no longer remain our companion and hurt. Old age, a phase in life when sound sleep turns its back and leaves us sleepless. And old age, a phase in life when there is no option left than accepting the bitter truth of living with certain health ailments.

Is this how you define old age? Have you ever been told by a health expert that these problems are common as you grow? If so, let us feed your ears with some magical words, nothing among these is true.

As per medical journals, lack of exercise, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle contribute to 85% chronic diseases. Since this important piece of information lacks the needed medical education, this post will try its best to provide you the needed knowledge and help. Read it to unveil the suggestions from nutrition and modern lifestyle’s perspective to preserve energy and youthfulness.

1. Have Lean Muscle

Consume More Protein

As per experts, healthy aging begins when one has appropriate amount of lean muscle. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has concluded lean muscle mass to be directly associated with one’s life span. To remain looking young and to prevent aging, having the right lean muscle is definitely a necessity.

2. Consume More Protein

Consume More Protein

Discussed above, lean muscle mass is something not to turn a deaf ear to. On that note, what else could be better than eating protein? Poultry, seafood, wild game meats, fish and beef are some of the best sources that are loaded with essential as well as branched-chain amino acids. Besides, these are rich in creatine and as obvious, they are known for their importance in building lean muscle. Is it all? Well, protein also looks after other areas such as inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar.

3. Keep A Check On Blood Sugar Levels

Keep A Check On Blood Sugar Levels

According to study conducted by New England Journal of Medicine, people above 65 years have 7 times greater risk of dementia than patients having high blood sugar levels. There’s no denying that with increase in age, people start leaning towards easy foods like tea and toast in place of healthy food. Doing this reduces their appetite and affects their brain cells, which then results in conditions like dementia and cognitive decline.

What could be done to avoid these fatal possibilities? Nothing other than taking low carb diet, eating fresh vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats. Why? For healthy brain and proper blood sugar level.

4. Move! Move! Move

Move! Move! Move

Increase in age makes us easily prone to injuries, infections, decreased cardiac capacity, certain deficiencies, falls and decline in muscle mass. In patients above 65 years, CHF or Congestive Heart Failure is the most common health ailment. In this condition, heart loses its ability to pump enough blood, thereby, failing to meet needs of the body. End result? Not one but many, such as weakness, fatigue, low hemoglobin, risk of coma, attacks and even death.

Ensuring an active everyday routine and maintaining cardiovascular health are the best ways to stay away from falling prey to the above said problems. Another promising way is indulging in physical activity for approximately 20-30 minutes.

5. Adopt Optimistic Approach

Adopt Optimistic Approach

While growing old, some people undergo decline in motivation as well as face mood swings. Researches have found that high insulin & blood sugar and low omega-3 & vitamin D are linked with depression as well as low mood. Since standard American Diet contains simple and processed carbs, it leads to inflammation, insulin dysfunction, increase in weight and low levels of omega-3 fats and vitamin D.

Most of us don’t realize but intake of traditional food items feeds the body with body’s building blocks. As a result, dysfunction and deficiencies are corrected along with maintenance of vitality. Last but not the least, anti-aging supplements can prove helpful, provided you pick the right one.

6. Fulfill Everyday Antioxidant Dose

Fulfill Everyday Antioxidant Dose

Coffee is known for being an excellent source of polyphenols, the plant compounds that function as antioxidants. Apart from this, the beverage safeguards against pre-diabetes & diabetes, prevents cognitive loss and elongates telomeres of the DNA, which then results in longevity. Starting the day with a good cup of coffee without sugar is undeniably the bet way to make an energetic beginning.

It is important to know that lack of exercise, eating poor food diet and living a disorganized life contribute to harm health to a great extent. They have the potential to cause dementia, type-2 diabetes, heart issues and cognitive decline.


The Shocking Reality

It is our lifestyle that remains the secret to longevity. Health experts often share experiences that sound unbelievable. For example, young people suffering from high levels of blood sugar and blood pressure! And why they have to tolerate these consequences? Due to years of unhealthy diet and no exercise or workout sessions. Let’s flip the picture now. There are men with age 70+ but still capable of performing chin-ups. Similarly, there are 70+ year women who can do deadlifts and squats easily. And how’s that? By being particular about their diet, exercise and lifestyle. Also, these fit and active people have appreciable lipid panels, blood sugar, blood pressure and mood.



They say, ‘age is just a number.’ Indeed, it is. We shouldn’t put any limit on our body and mind. Be it either of them or both, the input we provide, results are produced in accordance. When we eat the wrong food or live a lifestyle that’s not decent, body and mind, both suffer. On the other hand, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet results in increased energy and long-term youthfulness. Before wrapping it up, we would like to suggest you NMN supplement to combat aging and look radiant at every age. Don’t know where to buy it from? Check out our inventory and make our NMN product yours. If you have any concern, read its description before making the purchase. Feel free to contact us too.

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