Learn How To Deal With Insomnia Naturally

Learn How To Deal With Insomnia Naturally

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

People in modern America are trying out different sleeping positions to get a good sleep. Are you one of them?

It is not only surprising but also an unfortunate reality of many Americans. Sleeping is not a luxury but a necessity to human life. Tons of individuals remain sleep deprived all their lives, thanks to round the clock work culture.

A normal person needs to sleep for minimum 6-7 hours every 24 hours. With the given fact it is right to say that many Americans are not able to lead a normal life. Just like human body requires oxygen, food and water, sleep is essentially important for every person.

Why Proper Sleep Is Important?

Why Proper Sleep Is Important

Spending whole night in bed shutting eyes deliberately or taking walks inside the room and waiting to fall asleep is not what doctor calls a quality sleep.

Good sleep has its implications in day-to-day life too. People who sleep properly at night feel good, positive, focused and motivated, generally. Their bodies and brains function in their best capacity when they had a sound sleep previous night. Difficulty in sleeping can result because of many reasons like old age, chronic pain and more.

Staying awake whole night affects your body and brain severely. You encounter problems such as difficulty in learning, focusing, loss of memory, mood swings, emotional conflicts and more. According to various studies on sleep done around the world, quality shut eye helps you add years to your life. It is natural to age and die but losing life because of lack of sleep is nothing but decaying. This goes without saying it has to be prevented or at least actively managed.

Change Your Sleeping Habits To See The Difference

Change Your Sleeping Habits

There are simple tips that can help you sleep better like:

1. Making a time table

Making a time table

Importance of being disciplined has far reaching consequences but do you know it can help you fall asleep too? Well, several studies suggest that people who follow a proper routine of going to bed and getting up in the morning face less problems in sleeping. Oftentimes, people delay sleeping till midnight or early morning and don’t follow any schedule for years. As they grow up with this habit their bodies refuse to accept the sudden change they want to inculcate in the later stages of life.

2. Maintaining the temperature

Maintaining the temperature

Change in body temperature as you sleep is backed by science. Trying to sleep in a warm room may take too long but on the other hand, lower temperatures induce sleep faster. However, it is not compulsory that every person feels the need to reduce the room temperature. You should work it out according to your body needs.

Many people prefer going to a warm shower before bed as this helps speed up body’s temperature changes. When body cools down gradually it sends a signal to the brain for bedtime.

3. Reduce or remove all the distractions

Reduce distractions

Your bedroom should be a tidy and quiet place. Chaos in your bed and inside your brain inhibits your sleep considerably. You need to get rid of everything at least one hour before your bedtime. There is no room to accommodate any gizmos and gadgets in your sleeping area including the mobile phone, laptops etc. In fact, it helps you sleep better when you stop using them at least one hour prior to your bed time.

4. Cut on the bad habits

Reduce distractions

Giving up on habits like binge drinking and smoking will help your body unwind after a stressed day at work more easily. These habits do not only trigger stress and depression but also snatch away sleep from your eyes. At the same time, it is important to take control of what and when you eat. Overeating and eating late may restrict sleep.

5. Practice yoga and meditation

Practice yoga and meditation

People going through stress find difficulty in sleeping. Practicing Yoga and meditation does not only help in relieving stress but when they are incorporated on a routine basis, they help the body relax and feel calm ultimately inducing quality sleep.

6. Avoid taking naps

Avoid taking naps

Those who cannot sleep properly at night should avoid taking naps in the afternoon. Although naps have been associated with alertness and well-being but late afternoon naps may keep you alert till late night.

7. Take natural remedies for treating insomnia

natural remedies for treating insomnia

While over the counter medicines for inducing sleep come with many side effects, natural sleep aid is one and only completely safe solution to treat different sleep disorders even in long term. Regular consumption of pills or capsules having ingredients such as Valerian root, melatonin, and chamomile flower extract etc. help you sleep like a baby.

How Do Sleep Inducing Supplements Work?

Sleep Inducing Supplements Work

Like many other health conditions, sleep disorders including insomnia have found permanent solution in herbal supplements. Not all but some sleep aids and herbal supplements have been found quite effective in inflicting sleep.

Nevertheless, FDA treat these dietary supplements as foods rather than medications. Makers of these supplements are free from any obligation to prove that they are safe or effective. It comes to the shoulders of consumers that they research in depth about the herbal brand they are trusting.

To help induce sleep, a blend of magnesium, Valerian root extract, chamomile flower extract, melatonin with Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is highly recommended. Each one of these ingredients has sleep inducing and stress reducing properties. Daily dose of 2 capsules with 8oz of water is best to take at least half an hour before you want to snooze.

After you make these significant changes in life, dozing off will not remain challenging. Added advantage of sleeping well at night is flaunting radiant face with beautiful eyes at work.

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