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Lighting The Darkness : Grave Effects & Consequences Of Drug Addiction

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am


There could be endless number of reasons that magnify your chances of coming under the addiction of drugs. It could be your loneliness, heartbreak or a crucial failure that is dragging you down the lane from where, coming back is multiple times difficult. But do you realize what is waiting for you in the night of unconsciousness? Terror of pain and endless pain.

Drug abuse has left families stranded, badly broken and full of regrets. Yes, the shortcut of shutting down the whole world for a while looks tempting. It feels great when your mind is hallucinated with one sniff, bottles down or lick of poison. What comes once the ‘short-term’ ends? Reality. Everything gets back to normal but except your tendency to bear the toughs of life. That’s where the cycle of ‘short-cuts’ start.


You are not alone. If you are reading this for yourself or for your loved one then you are already a suffer of addiction and you know how bad it is. However, the world is dealing with it. 23 millions are dealing with it. 3.3 millions are dying each year. And 100 families are distorted each day as their loved ones die due to drug overdose or depression.


SAMHSA, who announced this September as 23rd National Recovery Month, surveyed last year and found out that 43.6 million Americans (18 or above) are mentally challenged and 23 millions are drug addicts. What’s astonishing is the fact that Americans who qualify both the lists are 7.9 millions in numbers. These data establish a direct link between addiction and psychology impacts.

Let’s have a look into the mirror of truth and see which drug affects which part of your normal being :

1. Alcohol

Short term : It includes cognitive impairment, nausea, coordination issues, reduced concentration, memory blackout, slippery speech and other instant stupor.

Long term : This could dangerously lead to cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cancer, weak and irregular heart rhythm, high blood pressure, stroke, weakened immune system and increased suicidal tendency.

2. Opioids

Short term : It causes breathing arrest, euphoria, confusion, sedation and inactive body.

Long term : This includes gastrointestinal problems, irregular menses in women, tuberculosis, sexual disabilities, nasal bleeding and cellulitis.

3. Hallucinogens

Short term : It involves confusion, unclear conscience, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, panic, mood swings and more.

Long term : It causes memory impairments, psychological dysfunction, hormone imbalance, serotonin malfunction and severe brain damage.

4. Club Drugs

Short term : Person may suffer from mild hallucination, increased sensitivity, anxiety, muscle cramping and high body temperature.

Long term : It affects psychological health, weak organs functions, coma and frequent seizures.

5. Cannabinoids

Short term : These are most addictive drugs that causes increased heartbeats, appetite, relaxation and slow reaction time.

Long term : These drugs cause disturbed mental health, respiratory problems, anxiety and panic attacks.


“ Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.” – Donald Lyn Frost
You probably know that your body is the only place that you have, to live on earth. Even on realization if you treat it like a garbage then it’s not you for whom people will cry for but your family and friends because they go through more worse than you could ever.

Some of the impacts that drug abuse put on your social life :

  • You’ll have criminal record against your name due to dropped conscience.
  • Nobody provides job to an addicted person.
  • Your financial status is tailored down terribly due to increased expenses on drug and no job in hand.
  • Your increased irrational activities leads to suspension of passports, licenses and other allowances.
  • You find it hard to keep up with your partner as their complaints keeps nagging your ways.
  • You avert from contact from family members as they try to pull you out.
  • Friends avoid you due to the fear of coming under your influence if not take you out.
  • You get into stress and ultimate depression.
  • Your inability to learn makes you a slow learner which ruins your further chances of leading a no-drug life.
  • Your addiction starts to grow and eat away your health.
  • You become suicidal as you lose all interest in life, society and family responsibilities.

Who could have thought that your one sniff can change your entire life? Addicts are from all ages. You can find kids, teenagers, young adults and middle age people in rehabilitation who want to get rid of it. There is no shame in loving yourself. The strength is not in escaping reality but to face it with courage.


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