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Live Life To Fullest : Exterminate Stress With 6 Natural Remedies

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

“Stress is the pill to slow death. It’ll not only take away the essence of your personality but also the reason to have it.”

Stress and anxiety have been eating the generation at the stake of sanity. In 2014, stress.org revealed that 77% of people experienced physical stress on a daily basis and 73% had mental stress signs. Out of all, 48% of people couldn’t handle it and ended up affecting their professional and personal life. It not only affected one person or their family but also resulted in a total loss of $300 billion due to stressed-out employees at work.

You must introspect for symptoms that could be telling the truth about your health. Aren’t sure if you are dealing with clinically proven stress or not? Go through the list before getting it confirmed by a doctor :

Physical Implications :

bullet_icon Fatigue & nausea
bullet_icon Constant headache turning into a migraine
bullet_icon Change in appetite with irregular hunger pangs
bullet_icon Muscle tension and heavy chest
bullet_icon Upset stomach & pain in abdomen
bullet_icon Dwindling sexual desires
bullet_icon Teeth grinding
bullet_icon Hormonal imbalances giving rise to health problems

Mental Implications :

bullet_icon Lack of interest & concentration
bullet_icon Irritability & frustration
bullet_icon Constant need to quit job, school, college, or life
bullet_icon Lousiness
bullet_icon Anxiety attacks
bullet_icon Confusion due to cloudy conscience
bullet_icon Feeling of being alone

These symptoms have wider wings to affect one’s life. Check out the impacts that on-going symptoms can have and why not take it lightly:

bullet_icon Disturbed personal and professional life
bullet_icon No social circle or friends to row you through the stressful situation
bullet_icon Improper sleep pattern leading to insomnia
bullet_icon Stress invites depression to set in
bullet_icon Work and money issues take toll
bullet_icon Falling prey to health problems

Stress is never chosen by a person. However, there are ways to cope up with its psychological and physiological troublesome effects.

How can you sit at home and annihilate stress without going out of the way?

It’s all about training your mind and replenish your body with healthy thoughts and nutrients at the end of the day. There are no arguments that could deny that right food and thoughts can change your life without any side effects. Investigate the following natural remedies for stress:

1. Meditate


Oftentimes people question that meditation is not possible in a stressed situation. But the beauty of meditation is that you can stand still and get your mental sanity back at any time you want. Stress occurs when you force your inner self to put your energies into something you don’t like to do. Say, a job of an IT engineer when you want to be a photographer. Meditation will set your energies free for a while. The moment you sit for yourself, no external force, boss, or energy will rule over you. You’ll feel the radiation of your inner self and may also get the answer to the long-lost question that your conscious mind is fighting not to answer.

2. Involve in Your Favorite Activity


Akin to meditation, involving in your favorite activity will only make you feel right about the moment. It will put your mind off from the stressor and help you focus on the constructive side of your personality. You may get engrossed into creating something so that the feeling of being useless dies.

3. Aroma Massage


Stress plays with your muscles. Originating from Chinese culture, warm oil massage on the active points improves blood circulation. This keeps the blood pressure normal and muscle tensions eased out. Gradually, aromatherapy and massage decrease stress levels.

4. Workout & Exercise


Whether you’re Zumba, yoga, gym, or aerobics person; the aim is to make your body move. Stress induces a slow mind and lazy bum but routine exercise can terminate the lousiness. It is noted here that you should enroll in what you enjoy else it’ll reciprocate the opposite effect on you.

5. Don’t Force Yourself Into What Others Say


Your loved ones may be highly concerned about your health but their suggestions might not always make you feel good about yourself. If you want to socialize, do so but not on someone’s advice. Avoid everything that is forced on you.

6. Eat Right To Feel Right


Your body is an amalgamation of good nutrients which are spoiled by bad food that you take daily like trans fats and stubborn carbs. To give your body a good back up of healthy food that helps to reduce stress, including the given in your diet :

 bullet_icon Chamomile: It is best ingested as a tea. Chamomile helps to relax muscles, treat insomnia, reduce anxiety and soothe gastrointestinal problems.

 bullet_icon Valerian: Valerian root tops the list when it comes to treating insomnia and reducing anxiety. Being the two most prevailing symptoms of stress, they must be treated with a cup of valerian root tea or supplement.

 bullet_icon Berries: Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and other berries give in vitamin C and antioxidants which impart positive health benefits.

bullet_icon  Dark Chocolate: Full of healthy fat and two of the most important antioxidants – polyphenols and flavonols – dark chocolates are the sinful indulgences that you’ll always love.

bullet_icon  All Nuts: Walnuts, cashews, almonds, and others are highly rich in essential nutrients like proteins, fats, magnesium, and calcium. Walnuts contain 5 times the amount of Omega-3 than any other nuts.

 bullet_icon Turkey Breast: It contains tryptophan, amino acid, which converts into Serotonin. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, helps to regulate mood swings, think positively, and be good at socializing.

“You may give up once and die or you can stand up every time to live several times.”

Stress is not permanent because you can train yourself to channelize the energies acting against you. The trick is to live in the very present and look for the silver lining so that you’re never enslaved by your situations.

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