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Men’s Sexual Health: 10 Hidden Secrets Every Man Should Know

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Akin to air, food, water and shelter, sex is amongst the primitive needs of mankind. Men and women, both the genders, enjoy their private lives to the fullest only if their sexual health is good. This post caters to the needs of people who are facing serious troubles in their bedrooms and men who want to maintain their sexual health over time.

Oftentimes it is believed that sexual potency decreases with age but that is not the case with everyone. Individuals who practice healthy habits like maintaining weight and keeping distance from smoking and alcohol often surprise their partners in bedrooms. Tired of experimenting with different sexual aids to ignite your sex life? You are not alone. Fortunately, you have landed at the right place. As the post unfolds, you would be taken by surprise with amazingly effective ways of boosting men’s sexual health.

Easy and effective ways to improve sexual health

Easy and effective ways to improve sexual health

Men may not discuss it in open but they are keen to learn new ways to make their partners happy in bed. Reasons can be different but almost every man wants to learn the ways to enhance sexual performance.

Here goes the list of ways to boost male sexual health. These methods are proven helpful to stay firmer & longer and improve the overall sex quality.

Try each one of these so that you can lead a happier and satisfied life.

1. Invest Time In Foreplay

Invest Time In Foreplay

A strong finish is important but if you think it is more important than foreplay, then you should have a conversation with a woman about significance of foreplay.

What most men focus on is the penetration. Males suffering erectile dysfunction problem will be happy to know that pleasing partners has least to do with erection. Foreplay activities improve sexual experience to manifold. It ensures that both the partners in love making session are aroused to their peak before they get into sexual intercourse. This makes sex more enjoyable and less painful for them.

When it comes to reaching the stage of orgasm in females, it is not about only intercourse. A study suggests that around 37 percent females concur that clitoral stimulation facilitates orgasm.

2. Increase Physical Activities

Increase Physical Activities

Staying physically active has elementary importance in enhancing sexual wellness. There are many ways to do it like walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming and cycling, to name a few. Your aim should be to maintain healthy body weight while keeping your body free of any physiological problems.

Sedentary lifestyle and lack of work life balance takes a toll over physical intimacy between partners. Regular exercise regime not only keeps your heart in good shape but also is highly effective in increasing your libido . Start the gym or join swimming class to increase your stamina and make your partner go wet every night.

3. Focus On Stress Management

Focus On Stress Management

Anxiety and stress play villain’s role in a happy and healthy bedroom story. Kick out stress and anxiety out of your life so that sex does not start appearing like a chore to you. These two are culprits responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in most of the cases.

Individuals experiencing stress or/and anxiety in their lives register lack of interest in sexual intimacy. A male going through performance anxiety usually feels less excited about sex and also remains less engaged during the whole activity.

Such people are suggested to focus on physical sensations rather than the end result. Getting quality sleep, meditation, taking up a hobby are other ways of dealing with stress in life.

4. Add special foods, fruits and veggies

 Add special foods, fruits and veggies

Foods that can improve the blood flow of a person are considered to be beneficial for sexual health. Men facing one or the other sex related problems should include onions, garlic, bananas, chilies and peppers for better blood flow.

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B1 and eggs are also recommended to be consumed for increased blood flow. Adding salmon, tuna, avocados and olive oil meet daily omega-3 fatty acids requirements.

5. Improve your relationship

Improve your relationship

Happy couples are not myth. But one has to consistently work towards making their relationship better. For enjoying your sex life better, you have to work on your relationship, as avoiding issues of day-to-day life are bound to affect your romance and indulgence in each other.

How much you are into each other depends on how much you and your partner are fond of each other. It is best to share hobbies and time with each other. You can take up some activity like playing badminton, kayaking or cooking together for knowing each other better and strengthening the bond between the two of you.

6. Herbal supplements for better sexual satisfaction

Herbal supplements for better sexual satisfaction

Many men head towards pharmacy to get confused while buying one of those male enhancement pills. These pills are not only harmful for human health in long run but also they have not succeeded to a great extent in making private lives of males any better.

On the contrary, if you take a herbal product you can turn on your partner every single night and that too without any fear of side effects. Potency and pleasure are inevitable to come to you when you have the company of a safe and effective herbal sexual health supplement .

Over consistent use you will experience a spark in your love life like never before. Several studies suggest that use of Ginseng provides significant improvements in boosting low sex drive. Maca root is responsible for restoring back the fire by supporting desire and endurance.

There are many other magical elements that will never let you down in your own eyes. Herbal sexual health products help men achieve longer stay and more energy for ensuring that the climax is attained.

7. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Many men depend on smoking and alcohol for relaxing and enjoying leisure time. Others may have more excuses for nurturing their bad habits. It is important to leave these bad habits as they might be affecting sexual wellness and health.

While smoking can narrow blood vessels and ultimately lead to impotence, consuming alcohol is linked with poor sexual health. Cutting down on these bad habits can certainly improve sexual function and improves erection.

8. Call a counselor

Call a counselor

Men usually do not feel comfortable opening up before anyone, especially when it comes to their sex-related problems. Confrontation by their partners oftentimes leads to the widened gap between them.

What most of you don’t know is having issues with your penis size or ejaculation time etc. does not make you any less of a man. Having an open communication with partner in presence of a professional counselor can help you reignite romance. Before a counselor, you can speak out your heart as they are not going to judge you or make you feel ashamed.

9. Address your chronic problems

Address your chronic problems

Assuming that you have taken care of all the above points and made small but necessary changes in your lifestyle, you have done quite well in making efforts towards your sexual health.

Men should also make serious efforts towards improving their general health. If a male is showing signs of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc. likelihood is of not having great urge towards sex. Therefore, it is essentially important to get any of chronic diseases treated.

10. Get soaked in Sun

Get soaked in Sun

Men suffering lack of sexual desires can get benefited by going out in Sun. Regular exposure to Sun inhibits melatonin production in the body. Melatonin is the hormone responsible to promote sleep and calms down sexual urges. Quantity of melatonin is inversely proportional to sexual desire.

Men with low libido are advised to go for a Sunbath especially in winters as getting out in Sun triggers the sex drive.

Last but not the least, it is important to be open about any problems you may have. Only after talking about it with your partner or doctor you will know whether it is a problem in real or not.

May you give your best every single time in bed.

Happy love making!!

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