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Brags Of Fake Weight Loss Aids Debunked [PS: Actual Natural Weight Loss Supplements Explained]

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Did You Know? Craving to adore a ‘slim n trim’ body has risen to such an extent that people have started losing their lives.

Lack of patience to achieve the desired shape has increased the urge to fall for quick-fix diets and supplements.

Healthy lifestyle modifications and sweaty gym sessions have lost trust of almost everyone.

And Did You Know? Studies have found some weight loss pills as the reason behind panic attacks and stroke?

Unfortunately, you know nothing because your heart is enchanted by the unsolicited advertisements of fad diets, slimming products, and baseless myths. Messages displaying, ‘Lose weight in a week without avoiding your favorite food,’ ‘100% natural product to burn fat faster,’ are flooded over social media platforms, televisions and hoardings. If that’s not enough, these life-taking supplements don’t shy away from saying that they are rich with plant-based ingredients. Turn to the truth and you will realize that the actual ingredients of these products are not mentioned on the label.

There Ain’t Any Magical Solution

Despite the temptation of weight-loss pills, they lighten just one thing and that’s your wallet. Believe it or not, your true friend list includes only and only:
joint pain reliefHealthy low-calorie diet
joint pain reliefPhysical activities
joint pain reliefHerbal or say natural supplements
Talking about over-the-counter products, they are not FDA approved. Also, they neither have scientific support to show their non-harming nature; nor have clinical trials done that show their safety and effectiveness.

The Sugar Coated Words

Own a chiseled body without hitting the gym, melt belly fat overnight, tone your thighs & buttocks and so much more!
Moving on to other false claims, they include:

joint pain reliefThe product will help you shed two or more pounds, no matter how much you eat
joint pain reliefThe product promotes permanent weight loss even after you stop taking it
joint pain reliefWeight loss is guaranteed for everyone
joint pain reliefLose weight by wearing the gadget on a body part or rubbing the product on the skin
joint pain reliefAbsorption of fat and calories will be blocked with this product
joint pain reliefThe product is not habit-forming

Real Facts About Herbal Supplements

Traits of genuine products are unique; whatever they say, they mean. On that note, here are some of the properties these true supplements possess:

joint pain reliefInhibition of sugar absorption in the blood: When low levels of blood sugar are maintained, carbohydrates don’t store as fat.
joint pain reliefSlowing stomach emptying and delaying the absorption of fat & carbohydrate: Appetite is decreased and blood sugar is controlled even better.
joint pain reliefIncreasing the fat burn: Production of fat is blocked and fat breakdown is stimulated.
joint pain reliefIncreasing serotonin circulation in the brain: Carbohydrate intake is decreased and appetite is suppressed.

The Only Natural Weight Loss Supplements You Need

1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

A green fruit that’s small in size and has the shape of a pumpkin represents Garcinia Cambogia. Its skin has HCA or hydroxycitric acid, which is also the major ingredient that works to keep fat at bay.

How It Works

HCA, being the active ingredient comprises of fat-burning and appetite cutting properties. It blocks citrate lyase, an enzyme used by the body to make fat. Moreover, it increases the level of serotonin, the brain chemical responsible to make one hungry.

2. Hydroxycut

Known as one of the most popular weight loss aids in the world, Hydroxycut is making noise for more than a decade. Though it is available in various types, ‘Hydroxycut’ is the most common one.

How it works: There are several ingredients in it that cut down excess weight. However, caffeine and some plant extracts are the real gems.

3. Caffeine

The most used psychoactive substance, caffeine is naturally available in dark chocolate, coffee, and green tea. Being a great metabolism booster, it is added in the world’s best weight loss supplements.

How it works: Studies have found caffeine capable of enhancing metabolism by 3-11%. As far as fat burn is there, it does that by up to 29%.

4. Green Tea Extract

It’s a chief antioxidant, EGCG not just burns fat but is also the reason that has made the product a sensation in the weight loss world.

How it works: Green tea extract increases the activity of norepinephrine, a hormone that is known to kick-out excess fat.

5. Niacin

As one of the eight B-vitamins, niacin is a part of various metabolic processes that generate energy. Combining it with the right foods initiates the weight loss game.

How it works: As per the researches, niacin activates the GPR109A receptor, which induces the release of adiponectin and starts weight loss. This protein hormone regulates glucose as well as oxidizes fatty acids. Apart from this, it is engaged in the reversal of insulin resistance to stop fat deposits from accumulating around the stomach.

Ingredients Disapproved By FDA

FDA conducted a press release in 2009 to announce that it has found some severely dangerous ingredients in a total of 69 weight loss products. None of these ingredients are listed on the product labels, which is why customers get no idea about them and consume them without realizing how terrible they are. These ‘must stay away’ ingredients are:

joint pain reliefPhenytoin: It’s an anti-seizure drug
joint pain reliefRimonabant: It is an appetite suppressant, which is banned in the US
joint pain reliefPhenolphthalein: It has the potential to cause cancer
joint pain reliefSibutramine: Increases risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke

Precautions You Must Adhere To

joint pain reliefNever take more than recommended dose
joint pain reliefNormal weight or underweight people should not consume products meant for overweight people
joint pain reliefDon’t combine supplements with illegal stimulants such as cocaine and meth
joint pain reliefDon’t combine supplements with diuretics and laxatives
joint pain reliefNever combine multiple weight loss supplements
joint pain reliefMedication should be taken only under a qualified doctor’s supervision
joint pain reliefPatience is important, as every aid takes time to show results
joint pain reliefResults may vary from person to person depending on bodily factors

Health Hazards Possible With Wrong Supplements

joint pain reliefDamage to the heart due to irregular heartbeat and malfunction in the valves
joint pain reliefIncreased risk of stroke due to faster pumping of the heart, which increases blood pressure
joint pain reliefLiver damage owing to inflammation that may cause scarring or permanent damage
joint pain reliefRed, inflamed, and itchy skin due to allergic reaction
joint pain reliefMessed up the vision because of cloudy imperfections in the lens of eyes
joint pain reliefRinging sensation in-ear with dizziness

Healthy & Wealthy Weight Loss Tips

Simplicity is always best and below given simple tips proves that by contributing majorly in your race of losing oodles of weight naturally:

joint pain reliefSticking to proven natural supplements
joint pain reliefDrinking water, especially before the meals
joint pain reliefEating eggs for breakfast
joint pain reliefDrinking black coffee
joint pain reliefDrinking green tea
joint pain reliefCutting down the intake of added sugar
joint pain reliefConsuming less refined carbs
joint pain reliefExercising portion control
joint pain reliefKeeping healthy food along for times when hunger pangs show up
joint pain reliefTaking probiotic supplements
joint pain reliefDoing weightlifting exercise or aerobics
joint pain reliefEating more fiber, fresh fruits, and vegetables
joint pain reliefChewing the food slowly
joint pain reliefGetting adequate sound sleep
joint pain reliefConsuming more protein
joint pain reliefAvoiding drinks loaded with sugar

What Do You Think?

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