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NMN – Role & Significance In Preventing Aging [Featuring Scientific Research]

Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 7:02 am

“Trust me because unlike your makeup products, fake friends, and your own illusion; I never lie!
With love your mirror!”

Gosh! Such a straightforward message. But why? Probably because you are running from ‘THE UGLY TRUTH’ that you have been hit by AGING or approaching it. Criss-cross wrinkles across the forehead, dip between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, and dull complexion are making you look older than you actually are. No matter you are college-going, working your butt off or a busy mother who’s running after 4-5 children, this isn’t something to compromise with.

Old standbys like sleeping peacefully for 8 hours, drinking 8 glasses of water, and applying SPF products are not always worth believing. What to believe then? Is there a one-word answer for it? Luckily, there is and it is – NMN.

What Is NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)?

No matter the name sounds cute or complex to you, this molecule is all over the headlines and news of scientific studies & journals to an extent that its supplements fly off the shelves as soon as they make a place there. After experiments on rodents and yeast, NMN has made its way to the first human clinical trials in Tokyo, Japan.

Aging happens when a certain compound lacks in the body. As one reaches 50, their NAD+ level reduces to almost half of what it used to be when they were 20. Studies say that this molecule can be supplemented externally, which then helps the body to convert it into NAD+.

In the words of David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics and senior author on the study, “The aging process we discovered is like a married couple—when they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down.” “And just like with a couple, restoring communication solved the problem.”
Just as protein rebuilds the muscles; NMN builds the production of NAD+.

How NMN Works?

A number of minor processes happen inside the body cells and each cell has its own major process. As every cell has its unique function, they possess their matching processes and are clones of each other. This provides every cell its function and each cell abides by an identical process just like the cell that’s next to it. When continuing the process gets impossible for the cell, it fades and gets replaced.

The human body has its ‘own way’ to build and organize the intra-cellular processes. As an individual grows old, their body somehow loses its ability to adhere to this particular way.’ As a result, optimal and healthy cells are not produced any longer and cells turn weak. Moreover, they don’t survive for long and cause troublesome issues.

NMN has the potential to maintain the ability of cells to follow their own way’ of producing healthy cells and ensuring good health throughout. Furthermore, the molecule is a precursor to NAD+. Our body contains an enzyme that is responsible to convert NMN into NAD+. It also enables the cells to be on their track and follow their own way.’

NAD+ lowers down with the passage of time; hence, less energy is produced in the body. This eventually leads to the breakdown of communication within the cells. Feeding the body with NMN creates a positive effect on energy levels.

Benefits of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)

There are several benefits of consuming NMN which can be seen from the very first day. Our health improvises frequently once we start consuming NMN, let’s focus on some major benefits of NMN.

Advances the Flow of Blood, Encourages Security to Vascular Health:
Human beings rely upon the strength of their skeletal muscles for movement and to harbor them in a good condition, significant consumption of appropriate key-energy molecules such as glucose and fatty acids are required.

This is because NAD+ is needed for metabolizing these molecules to constantly supply building blocks like NMN.

Boost Muscular Strength and Endurance:
Scientific evidence has suggested that mice sustained on NMN consumption for a larger duration had better energy metabolism with the least side effects. This supports a theory that the health of our muscles starts to decline as we age and the supply of NAD+ also declines.

Prevents the Onset of Any Heart Disease:
Our cardiac cells do need an unvarying supply of NMN to enable the heart vessels to pump blood smoothly. On the way around, it stabilizes the decline in NAD+ too.

Curtails the Risk of Obesity:
Obesity is connected to a broad range of unhealthy conditions. It can turn out to be very challenging because of the dearth of easy remedies to fight against it and many related diseases like metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Excessive Anti-Aging Benefits:
From the scientific shreds of evidence, many health scientists have discovered that NMN is the quickest way of stimulating NAD production. Although, NMN supplements do render anti-aging benefits beyond NAD production.

Direct insertion of NMN to the cells without being converted to NAD has become possible with the help of all new NMN supplements. This miracle has led to the discovery of proteins capable of proliferating after the decrease in NAD levels.

This is a major reason behind the profuse contribution of NMN to cell energy that promoted cells containing higher anti-aging properties.

Cell Metabolism:
A right intake of NMN along with NAD brings a direct path to promote cell metabolism. Improvisation in insulin activity, germination of additional metabolic benefit along glucose tolerance is the few sets of benefits related to the right usage of NMN. Metabolic conditions like diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity are predicted to be alleviated by its consumption.

Significance of NMN supplement

The ability of cells to produce energy does decline as we age. Although scientific evidence has suggested that NAD+ levels do decrease when we age that affirms a strong belief that lowered NAD+ levels are responsible for producing lower energy levels. Thus, many people that consume Nicotinamide Mononucleotide supplements are capable of compensating for the loss of energy production.

Many scientific studies have revealed that NADH was found to be ineffective in animal trials. This is why researchers laid more emphasis on researching different ways of raising the NAD+ levels through indirect means with an NMN supplement.

Most scientific researchers conducted many trials on the effects on mice after executing a Nicotinamide Mononucleotide supplement. Quite interestingly, energy promoting benefits were found in older mice.

Thus, this research concluded that the benefits of NMN have supported the overall cell proliferation. It led many researchers to believe that cellular benefits linked to high NAD+ levels do maintain the production of energy in the cellular mitochondria.

Many scientific researches have concluded that frequent NMN supplementation is capable of elevating NAD+ concentrations in the body. The right intake of NMN supplementation promotes the creation of NAD+ across internal organs like the liver, muscle, kidneys, pancreas, blood vessels, and eyes.

NMN is capable of raising glucose tolerance and also elevate insulin production within high-fat diet conditions. It also sustains balanced inflammation levels within fatty tissues and helps in improving sensitivity.

Sources Of NMN

To consume NMN, there isn’t any need to search like mad because it is available right at the local grocery in the form of foods loaded with Vitamin B3. A list of items to get hands-on includes:

Green PeasAlmonds
Wheat GermWhole Wheat Bread
Sunflower SeedsFigs
CabbageBrussel Sprouts
Fish (Tuna, Swordfish, Salmon)Groundnut
Date PalmPork

IMPORTANT: The food items must belong to natural and organic sources.

Processed foods like processed grains, sugary foods, white flour, corn syrup, and wheat products need to be avoided. NMN supplements can also be taken to intake the required value.

Recommended Dosage

The generally recommended dosage of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is 1 gram (500mg) per day. We also recommend the same dosage of HerbalCart NMN, you can consume 1 gram NMN supplement daily 30-40 minutes prior to meals or as directed by a physician.

Exclusive Look Into Anti Aging & NMN

Being an NAD+ precursor supplement, NMN triggers sirtuins, which are naturally-occurring proteins that act like anti-aging genes.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide ensures that water loss through the skin’s outer layer, which then increases hydration. By playing these worthy roles, it keeps away from lines, wrinkles, loose skin, blotchiness, sebum formation, and dark spots. An improved complexion with clear skin is the end result with NMN.

Isn’t this wonderful molecule a sea of treasure? Incorporate it into your everyday life and keep glowing forever.

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