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Obviate Drug Abuse : Kill The Habit, Don’t Let The Habit Kill You

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

In the previous posts, the readers are well informed about the famous – What, How and Why. We know that drug abuse is eating this generation starting from the younglings to older counterparts. What shall we do?

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi

You can’t let your close ones die. Can you? There has to be a silver lining to this scenario. Let’s keep you intrigued by giving out the details on how a professional doctor uses his tricks on a suspected drug addict to make him confess his sin and what are the ways to prevent them fall for it.

STEP 1 : Know your suspected addict closely

Usually family members and friends are the closest people who know a person in depths. However, it is very likely that you are not looking beneath the skin of the person. People are able to hide their dark side with their other acts of just ‘being teenagers’ or ‘being depressed’. If you find unusual change in their behavioral conduct or activities like sudden slip of grades, losing job or lying about small things, then it is important that you pay attention to them.

STEP 2 : Don’t let them get comfortable in TOO MUCH seclusion

Psychological healing is done in seclusion but it is important to know that you come out of it as well. People, who like to resort in their own company, are prone to feel alone. This comfort allows these people to try other methods of getting relaxed nerves. Excusing from stress and anxiety with help of drugs is one of the main reasons why people fall for addiction in their early stage of life. Check out if your suspected person is also falling for too much of ‘alone time’.

STEP 3 : Let out open conversation once in a while

Teenagers and adults who are dealing with addiction find it difficult to let out their feelings. They think that finding a confidant isn’t possible. Doctors suggest the family to overlook ‘right and wrong’ about the things an addict says. This is because it feels betrayed or useless to the person who is barely ready to open up in front of others who’d judge or preach them about right ways. Yes, it is important to bring them back to reality but it is a slow process. In their world, they are the perfect beings and your impatience to show the mirror can break the only chance of connecting to their world.

STEP 4 : Don’t restrain to show love

“Love has the power to break and make.” If used wisely, you can actually heal a person with love. Genuine gestures of care make us feel important in others’ lives. If you live a nucleus life which has no family time, stress relieving discussion over coffee and day outs with friends to talk over life then you are probably deserting all possibilities to bring back your addicted friend. Show love, spend quality time which is not limited to going to parties and having some boozes together.

STEP 5 : Confront and convince your suspect to seek for medical attention

Addicts don’t agree when they are told to seek for medical help. However, once they confide in you then you can find the best opportunity to convince them to give it a try. You have to be the ‘Torch In The Silent Night’. Be very careful while taking this step because you could turn down to zero if you overdo the force on them. Let it naturally arise within them to take an action against the abuse.

STEP 6 : Help the addicts fall in love with their lives

The road to recovery is the bumpiest ride. Many times and many addicts are lured by U-turns. It’s not easy and everyone knows it. But with a strong support team behind an addict, there are fair chances to come out of it. Make them realize what the cons of this habit are. Keep their motivation well on point. Educating them about scary drug abuse statistics and stories of survivors can serve as inspiration to them. Keep a track of their activities as their secret admirer.

STEP 7 : Ask them to write about their journey, talk about it and make hero out of themselves

The last stage of coming out ‘Clean’ is being able to talk about it. If the addict is able to tell other people how he made through all of the dark side of drug abuse then that’s the point where he converts from ‘being addicts’ to ‘being survivors’. Encourage him to write, talk and laugh on his story so that the lightness covers his head and he feels proud of getting ‘Clean’ certificate.

It’s a success if you are making an impact on others life. Recovery is tough but it is important. Keep looking forward each day.

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