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The Path To A Healthy Body Goes Through Apple Cider Vinegar

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Wondering how to restore your trust on having a body that demonstrates your inner self and healthy youth on your face? Well, you just have to welcome the very strong tonic in your diet – Apple Cider Vinegar.

Where does it come from?

Apple juices are made to undergo alcoholic fermentation. Sugars from crushed apples is contacted with yeast that activates formation of alcohol. Later on, Acetobacter, activating bacteria, is added to the alcohol which converts the alcohol into a sour- tasting fluid called vinegar. The name is derived from french word for ‘sour wine’ due to its taste.

Why is it good for health?

Rich in benefits of acetic acid, it activates the body cells to absorb nutrients from the food. It has zero fat, cholesterol and just 22 calories per 100gm of liquid. Over the time, it has been noted that it has positive effects such as decrease in body fat, controlling appetite and improving heart health. All thanks to the nutritional balance of ACV in your daily diet.

How does it affect the body?

Despite the overwhelming effects of ACV on body being resurfaced all the time on internet, there’s a silver lining to it that also holds true to a few of the trustworthy facts. Check out what apple cider vinegar actually do for you:


Whether you make it at home or purchase it from the market, make sure your vinegar has those suspended particles in the vinegar. Those are the strands of protein, enzymes and good bacteria that help in the digestive tract and impart a good effect on the body by helping to absorb nutrients from the food. So, next time if you go to buy ACV, look out for tags- Unfiltered, contains mother and unprocessed. You might not find its smell or taste encouraging but surely, once you’ll start consuming it, you’ll fall for its benefits. People dealing with chronic gastrointestinal problems are hugely relieved ever since they started taking amounts of ACV.


The patients of Diabetes Type 2 have been highly impressed by what cider vinegar does to their sugar levels. The resistance or inability to produce insulin makes it tough for people to breakdown sugar which eventually harm other vital organs. The strains of apple cider vinegar gave way to insulin sensitivity and increase the response in the body which ultimately helps to reduce sugar levels.


As the time has been evolving, it is taking the spin to past methodologies which have traditional medicines to treat problems. Before bariatic surgery, liposuction and weight loss pills were famous, people relied on natural diets and supplements to enhance their body functions. ACV helps to make you feel fuller for a longer time, cutting down the calorie intake. Also, it has no fat and negligible calorie to produce any harmful effects. It loosens the white fat, accumulated in the epidermis, which is known to be a stubborn fat layer. Gradual decrease in those layers enables the person to restore the body back in time.


The need to have good cholesterol is noted in list but unsung effect of bad cholesterol that follows up can’t be ignored. Heart’s main artery is susceptible to cholesterol debris to collect on walls causing high blood pressure and risk of heart attack. If you are eating a diet with lots of fat and bad cholesterol then make sure your diet has a glass of warm water and 2 tablespoon of ACV added in it.

What is the recommended dose?

People, who wants to add apple cider vinegar in their routine, can go for 2-4 tablespoons a day. However, make sure, you take it in a diluted form or sip it through a straw to avoid enamel issues due to its acidic nature. If you are planning to include tablets, then consult your doctor before indulging in it. Pregnant women should remain averted from its use however, after delivery it could help you in miraculously churning down the pregnancy fat around your belly.

Some Interesting Recipes To Include ACV

A. Nourish the Salad

The kale and roasted butternut topped with benefits of veggies and mixed with ACV could turn your heavens down to your plate. Not to forget mustard ketchup!

B. Warm Water, Honey and ACV

There’s no morning start like a glass of warm water, honey and cider vinegar. Heart patients and people working to lose that fat around their waistline will love the effects.

C. Make a snack out of it

Add a little tangy taste to your snacks with a few drops of vinegar in it. It will counter attack the extra fat that goes along.

D. Add it to your ketchup

If you are bored of that regular taste of your ketchup, then add drops of vinegar that will prove to change your menu to make this new addition compulsory with every dish.

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