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“POLLUTION- if you don’t kill it, it will kill you.” – Unknown

The above quote is 100% true as far as health is concerned and 200% true when it comes to sex. As per the latest studies, you can’t explore the adventurous rides of sexual life, if bitten by the pollution bug. HOW? Read on and discover…


Pollution turns out to be the new kid or probably devil on the block that can ruin your sexual wellness in the worst ways. Fertility experts have found that bad to worst air quality kills sex drive and needs to be treated as a serious issue.

Metals in the air affect the hormones; thus, reducing testosterone or estrogen level. With these levels falling down, the desire for intercourse fades more each day. End result? Hindered sex life.

Pollution is Directly Proportional to Infertility in Men & Women


Loss of libido, impotency, urinal dysfunctions, vaginal dryness, and vaginal dysfunction are some of the most rising issues. Though there are several reasons behind this, pollution is one powerful factor that changes climax in men and women. Talking exclusively about men, sperm count is terribly affected. In other words: the more smoggy-chemical-filled air pollution is breathed in; the more abnormally smaller and shaped sperm will be.

Culprits Behind Sabotaged Sexual Life


Toxic gases and heavy metals emitted from motor vehicles and industries, directly create an adverse impact on the hormonal balance.

bullet_icon Carbon monoxide: Emitted from air conditioners, automobiles, heaters, etc, it is one of the most significant sources.
bullet_icon Nitrogen dioxide Emits from factories and automobiles.
bullet_icon Particulate matter: Fine and coarse particles in the environment.
wellness products online store Sulphur dioxide: Originates from industries with a smell like rotten eggs.
bullet_icon Other pollutants: Arsenic, dioxin, asbestos, lead, and benzene are other air pollutants that reduce the protective ozone layer.

All the toxins and particulate matters cause hormonal imbalance, eventually hitting the libido. Long-term exposure and breathing disturb the hormones in a way that sexual life loses its intensity and passion.

It’s important to know that these potential reasons also give birth to problems like skin irritation, vision health, breathing troubles, etc. Surprisingly, even these problems keep one away from lovemaking.

Bring Back The Spark

wellness products online store

Pollution can’t be eliminated overnight; however, there are ways to overcome the wrath and restore the coziness with your partner. Take a look at some dependable solutions:

bullet_icon Go out only when necessary: Keep away from prolonged exposure to pollution by going out only when it’s actually important. Try to stay indoors as much as you can .
bullet_icon Cover up: Cover your mouth, eyes, nose and ears with protective sunglasses and clothing. Ensure minimum exposure to arms and legs by wearing body covering clothes.
online shopping sexual wellness Hydration: Keep yourself hydrated before leaving home. Carry enough water along to stay hydrated frequently.
online shopping sexual wellness Avoid idling: Switch off the vehicle at traffic signals to avoid releasing toxic fumes from idling.
online shopping sexual wellness Public transport: Opt for pooled or public transportation to reduce vehicular pollution.

Turn Up The Heat With These Herbs


To help you out, there are certain herbs with magical properties. Adding them in your life will keep you and your spouse active and giving.

1.Ginseng: Increases flow of blood through a man’s lower extremities. In women, it boosts desire, energy, performance, and orgasm.

2.Horny Goat Weed: This leafy and high-altitude plant is known to be the best sexual wellness product as it boosts libido. In men, it corrects erectile dysfunction.

3.L-Arginine: Works in both sexes and boosts blood flow through whoopee-making organs. The increased flow of blood offers a longer and stronger erection in men. In women, it aids in heightened stimulation.

4. Vitamin E: Aids in the production of sex hormones; thereby, improves mood, desire, and attraction. Women can use it as a lubricant to increase their experience.

With these important herbs by your side, you can say goodbye to boring and dull sex. Take these promising substitutes and keep away from pollutants to take your sexual fantasies to a whole new level.

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