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What Is Resveratrol And What Does It Do?

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:54 am

What is resveratrol

In nature, mainly in plants, life-changing compounds exist, and resveratrol is one such plant-based compound. It has magical properties ranging from anti-aging benefits to holistic health benefits that can completely transform your health.

This extremely beneficial compound is available in the form of resveratrol supplements that can be easily incorporated into the daily diet. The benefits of resveratrol supplements are multiple and diverse, making its need “ever-continuing .”

In this post, we will discuss everything about this compound, its benefits, and the ways to use it to improve overall health. It would shock you to know that pure resveratrol brings the gift of youth, anti-aging, beauty, and internal health. It is a trusted and tried formula for living beautifully without worrying about aging problems like fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and photo-aging.

What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is part of the group of compounds known as polyphenols. This compound works as an antioxidant, which protects the body against cancer and heart diseases. It is found in the skins and seeds of grapes and berries. These parts of the grapes and berries are involved in the fermentation of red wine.

Resveratrol is a stilbenoid polyphenol, possessing two phenol rings that are linked to each other by an ethylene bridge. It is classified as phytoalexin that can act against pathogens, including bacteria and fungi.  This compound of polyphenol comes with unique properties that help an individual to maintain healthy and young-looking skin. This compound has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that offer many healing benefits to ones’ body.

Resveratrol is a type of phytoalexin produced in plants as part of a responsive mechanism to external factors like heat, temperature, sunlight, ­­­pollutants, UV radiations, and infections.

This compound helps in lowering blood pressure as it increases the production of nitric oxide. Being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, it may protect brain cells from damage.

Resveratrol may resist aging as it impacts sirtuins which is an enzyme involved in the aging process. The capability to impact an enzyme involved in the aging process has led researchers to engineer molecules that can trigger the effects of resveratrol and have a better hold on aging.

This compound is known for its suppleness in red wine and other natural fruits like red grapes and peanuts. Resveratrol is one such compound whose herbal-dietary supplements get manufactured on a large scale.

What is resveratrol good for?

Resveratrol improves cardiovascular health, enhances cognitive function, reduces joint pain, and improves insulin sensitivity. It may boost blood flow and bring other sets of benefits. Its natural dietary supplements work well in fighting cancer.

It functions as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that brings numerous health benefits to the body. Some of the most specific benefits of resveratrol include lessening of fat, enhancing cognitive function, lowering blood pressure, and even improving cardiovascular health. It is an anti-carcinogenic compound that consists of anti-cancer properties.

Pure resveratrol is an effective detoxifier for the skin and keeps essential organs like the heart, liver, and stomach healthy. It promotes the well functioning of all the body parts.

Many researchers have researched this compound for more than two decades. It has demonstrated effective anti-aging characteristics too.

Pure resveratrol helps one restore complete health by keeping the heart and primary organs healthy. It has effectively removed different signs of aging and helps in elongating life and youthful looks. It contains anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, which provide many healing benefits to the body.

Resveratrol Benefits:

Resveratrol provides many health benefits. Being an antioxidant, it works as a natural detoxifier. It is an anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory compound that provides cardiovascular benefits as well as anti-aging benefits. Let us read below to understand how beneficial resveratrol can be to our bodies.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

The compound resveratrol protects the endothelial lining of the arteries. It stimulates healthy blood flow through the arteries, which support the “good cholesterol” (HDL) and ensures proper blood pressure control. This compound protects the delicate inner layer of the arteries against oxidative stress. It protects the production of the critical chemical called nitric acid that keeps the blood vessels dilated.


It is found that regular consumption of resveratrol can manage diabetes and reduce the severity of diabetic complications. This antioxidant compound may improve the fasting plasma glucose and insulin levels with type 2 diabetes.

Resveratrol may also help in reversing insulin resistance which implies that it may impact type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Alzheimer’s Disease:

Resveratrol is one such compound that can reduce neuronal inflammation and slow patients’ cognitive decline suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It may also decrease the presence of beta-amyloid, a protein fragment that builds up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. The accumulation of beta-amyloid can interfere with the communication of nerve cells and may obstruct cognition.

It delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and reduces plaque formation in the brain, accelerating memory loss. It is one such compound that may overcome the effects of dementia.

Longevity and Anti-aging:

Resveratrol may fight aging by taking off calorie restriction (CR), which is the technique involved in promoting longevity and can extend the lifespans of yeast, worms, flies, and fish. It can bring the anti-aging activity on a gene linked to longevity and has enabled leading researchers to imply resveratrol imitates CR. It may fight aging by rejuvenating cells and also lengthens telomeres.

Resveratrol can support healthy energy levels, and it is an antioxidant that can provide general health and wellness benefits to the body and make one feel more energetic. It promotes the longevity of cells and provides the anti-aging effect that keeps the whole body in the pink of its health and wellness.

Respiratory Health:

Many research studies have indicated that resveratrol plays a protective role in the respiratory system. The compound resveratrol works as an effective intervention for lung aging.

Resveratrol brings hope for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It decreases inflammation levels and oxidative stress in the lungs.

It improves skeletal and respiratory muscle impairment.

What does resveratrol do for your skin?

Resveratrol is known to be an effective topical antioxidant that can fight against free radicals. Its antioxidants are vital in neutralizing skin-aging molecules produced by the aging process and UV damage, pollution, and cigarette smoking.

It helps in improving the fine lines, hyperpigmentation, texture as well as overall radiance. This compound also offers skin-renewing effects and is considered a perfect addition to the nightmare repair routine.

Protects Skin- Resveratrol helps in protecting the skin’s surface. It interrupts and helps to rebuff negative environmental influences and brighten the skin’s complexion. It carries significant skin-calming properties that help in minimizing the look of redness.

Protection from External Toxins-It consists of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can protect the skin against oxidative stress and sun damage. Its antioxidant properties keep away the damage from free radicals.

Removes Skin Problems-It soothes dry and dehydrated skin. This compound improves radiance and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots. It boosts collagen production and plumps up the skin.

Quickly Heals the Skin-From the research conducted in animal and clinical trials, 1% resveratrol reduces pigmentation induced by UV when applied directly to the skin. It elongates individual cells’ lifespan and helps the body heal quickly, helping one look young and beautiful.

Lessens the Impact of Toxins-The compound resveratrol may improve skin health and reduce oxidation in the skin and reduce the effects of oxidation in the skin and lessen environmental stressors like toxins present in the air.

This is why many skin-care products have started using resveratrol in their ingredients, and for its antioxidant properties, it is highly valued.

How to take resveratrol?

If you want to consume resveratrol as a supplement, you need to determine the appropriate dosage for you to begin, and its capsules will help you maintain good health.

If a person suffers from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, then the intake of 1500 milligrams of resveratrol per day can be sufficient. If a patient has Alzheimer’s, then 1,000 mg of resveratrol twice a day may help in fighting against the disease.

Suppose a person has planned to take resveratrol as a dietary supplement to attain anti-aging benefits. Most experts recommend the usage of one 500 mg capsule regularly.

The supplements of resveratrol get absorbed when they are taken at the time of meals. You can add its supplements to your breakfast or lunch regimen too.

The appropriate dosage of resveratrol supplements depends on an individual’s body weight, type, and overall health. The resveratrol supplements will ultimately help you achieve your goal as they will improvise your overall health and increase your food sensitivities.

Is resveratrol safe?

Medical experts advised that resveratrol consumption is usually safe when used in the amount available in food. According to them, a person can safely consume 1500 mg of resveratrol for three months. If the person wants to consume higher doses of resveratrol, then the regular intake of 2000-3000 mg of resveratrol for 2-6 months is required. Most medical experts recommend 500 mg of regular doses.

Sources of Resveratrol:

Resveratrol is found in red and purple grapes, blueberries, cranberries, mulberries, peanuts, and pistachios. This compound is found in more than 70 plant species. It is strongly available in red grapes, red wine, and in berries of Vaccinium species which include blueberries, bilberries, and cranberries.
It is available in extracts of the root of Polygonum cuspidatum, also known as Fallopia Japonica or Japanese Knotweed. You can also find pure resveratrol through dietary supplements available in the market and online stores.

Where to buy resveratrol Supplement?

Resveratrol supplements can be purchased from different supplement stores like HerbalCart online. Resveratrol is sold as a regular diet supplement in the form of capsules.

Pure resveratrol is one such supplement that brings multi-dimensional skin benefits. It provides an effective solution to all of your skin-related problems.

Many research-backed anti-aging benefits have supported resveratrol in becoming the most demanding supplement in the market. We recommend you to use it every day for the best effects.

We hope our information helped you; we have tried to mention everything still. If you have any questions, please leave your comment below.

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