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Sexual Wellness : 12-Food That Ignite Your Fire & Boost Your Libido

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Have you heard of the term ‘foodgasm’? Well, that sensation of pleasure after eating an extremely mouth-watering meal which makes you go weak in the knees in the similar way when you reach the climax with your partner during sex is called foodgasm.

Over the years, in all the cultures and countries, food has been the major part of society. Interestingly, the food culture varies more than the human race. But, relationship between food and sex have no question-bees flying around.

Food is known to enhance or retire your sexual energies. Which side your boat rows will depend upon your choices. Masculine and feminine sexuality differs from each other, therefore, both the genders need different types of food to improve their sexual energy.

Historical Question : Does Man & Women Have Difference In Sexual Desires?

William Masters and Virginia Johnson worked out on human sexuality from 1960s-1970s to prove that all beings traverse through same path of arousal – excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. However, much recent studies show that men and women have fairly different responses.


Men are more biologically active for sexual desires. Hence, visual cues for men are enough to give them a sex drive. In case of women, the drive is dependent on relationship she shares with the potential partner, mood, surrounding, etc.

In a study in Netherlands, brain scans of men & women who were manually excited showed that women need to relax, reduce stress and feel happy to achieve the point of satisfaction whereas, for men all those areas in brain showed no significant difference.

How Can Food Reduce Chances Of Infertility & Lack Of Desires?


Healthy food for male and female sexuality can be a good start to make a change. Whether it is your work, relationship, financial crisis or any other stress that pulls down your lost vigour; you need to let it go. Read through our detailed study:

Food For Men & Their Turn On :


Men have fair advantages when it comes to getting the drive because of their ability to swiftly get turned on via visual cues and intimate stimulation. However, the level of testosterone reduces due to unhealthy food habits, lousy lifestyle, overweight and stressed out work life. To dwindle the effects of age and stress, include the following in your daily schedule :

1. Peaches & Fruits

Peaches, grapes and oranges are full of Vitamin C which improves sperm count and motility in men. It’s suggested to consume 200mg of Vit C daily. In a study, 30 infertile men were given shots of Vit C through fruits and pills which resulted in their ability to impregnate their wives.

2. Eggs

Eggs might not be the fancy item in the list but they help to boost the hormones and give muscular strength to men. It is similar to the effect produced when the men workout in gym.

3. Seeds & Nuts

Seeds & Nuts are good for male sex hormones. Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and more provide essential Amino acids that support healthy erection in men.

4. Avocados

Making to the top of every healthy food lists, Avocados are simply one stop solution. It is much appreciated to have it before sex because of the presence of healthy fat which gets readily converted into energy when you need it the most.

5. Dark and Red Meat

Whether you’re a chicken, pork or beef person, include these zinc sources in your diet to get enhanced sperm production that’ll make you fight infertility as well.

6. Garlic

Garlic is man’s best friend. It improves blood circulation and helps to achieve the maximum capacity. Men who consume garlic may stay unworried about stamina as it provides energy for your good performance.

Food For Women & Their Stimulation :


Women end up being on the giving side as to reach their climax, their partners have to be stimulating her love spots with precision. As it takes a lot of practice to know women body and for men to make the right moves, the pleasure is usually compromised. Adding to the misery are the biological factors that involve vaginal dryness, unhealthy clitoris and other diseases which plummets her performance. Wondering what to do?

1. Dark Chocolates

Exotic as it sounds, better it is for her performance. It’s all about stimulation which is why women are comparatively more sensitive than men. Methylxathines present in dark chocolates increases sensitivity to touch. Phenylethylamine helps to increase release of excitement hormone.

2. Red Wine

Taking red wine on your date night might just improve your sexual experience as it dilates the arteries and increases the blood flow for a good scene. However, keep the quantity near to one glass of wine else you’ll end up sloshed or sleepy during the act.

3. Dates

Female body requires iron more because of their menstrual cycle. It’s deficiency is the cause of no interest in exercises or sex. To alleviate the lousiness, you should include 4-5 dates in daily diet. Rich in iron, Dates will keep you interested, strengthen ovulation and increase your libido.

4. Coffee

Owing to the fact that coffee dates have landed up more successful relationships, coffee is a great beverage. It stimulates circulation, improves alertness and provides energy. So next time you’re sipping coffee, let your man know about your plans.

5. Chillies

Chillies are definitely hot and you would never get spared from their effect on your libido as the compound named Capsaicin is responsible for activating your hormone secretion, increase endorphins and radiate energy. Well, isn’t sex hot & spicy?

6. Figs

Coming from Greeks, figs have highly improved fertility in women. Shaped like female reproductive parts, figs amplify the production of sex hormones because of iron contents.

These sex-enhancing food might help you get back the vigour and robust your performance on bed. At times, middle aged couple find it difficult to have sex with their sole interest but a right diet can help them reduce stress and sexual dysfunction. You can also try out our all-natural and 100% effective sexual wellness supplements. These lab tested pills will only contribute to your good time in the best way possible.

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