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5 Easy Steps to Trick Kids to Eat Healthy Food

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Kids are the most read and interesting topic of centuries. Every parent wants their kid to get only the best. However, their insecurities and worries make them overdo at some point of time. The most discussed of all is- FOOD! Parents want their children to put in all the nutrients in their bodies every day. However, the growing kid has his own set of likes and dislikes which are usually not appreciated by the parents. But their bodies are going through a lot of changes that also affects their taste buds and mood. They tend to choose what to eat while developing their taste.

Then how should the two situations be tackled in a way to benefit the young ones?


Parents get overwhelmed when their children just won’t listen to their pleas to eat what’s healthy. They try to manipulate their minds, give them physical threats or force fed them. However, what they miss out is, the body is only benefited by the healthy nutrients of a good meal when the child is psychological welcoming the good food. Else, it is just a biological process of digestion and excretion.

Also, the more you will make them feel ‘suffered’ their natural instinct to rebel will enhance for the coming times. They will run away and adapt bad behavior. So, forcing food on children is not only bad for health but also mind and behavior.


There are no set standards of what amount a child should eat or the nutrients he should get. Parents trying to serve an organic and healthy meal is understandable but the amount a child wants to eat should be his choice. The human body is functioned to look out for food when the need occurs. It is not going to hamper your child’s well-being. But making them eat when they don’t want to might emerge as a problem such as obesity, drowsiness, nausea etc. Also, never compare the amount of food other kid is eating because every kid has different metabolism. It could be a major turn down for the kid’s confidence as they might think themselves as not being healthy or sick.


A kid already sees his parents as mentors. You don’t have to bully him to make him adhere to what you say. However, if you work as a team, your child might take you as an example to learn from you. Eat together on a dinner table and induce a self-learning habit in your kid. Try different activities rather than a strict and stern eating etiquettes.


Children love to play. Parents who could pull in the fun factor while eating healthy food are the best researchers. The best way to make the kids eat is to play with dishes and their preparation method. A simple broccoli can be a salad but also can be chopped and mixed in the sandwich stuffing. The more you experiment, chances are, the kids will look up to meals time. Also, the color presentation is as important because it pleases their senses.


You must give importance to what the little mind cooks in their head. You can take them to farms or let them see how the food is cooked before serving on the table. When children get to know how much effort is put in to prepare a meal, they tend to appreciate it by heart. Also, if you let them decide what they want to eat out of a set menu then they feel responsible for taking care of their health.

Although, it is not wise enough to give up to your child’s improper demands of junk foods you should also maintain a balance between ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. For those times, depending on ‘Maybe later’. These are some psychologically tuned ways that parents can use to make sure their little ones are eating proper and healthy food.

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