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Today’s world is hectic and like every other thing, the workplace also seems like a roller coaster ride. Increasing demands, long hours, growing competition, tight deadlines leave one drained, worried, and overwhelmed. This ultimately leads to the very harmful disease, STRESS.

When this terrible disorder exceeds the ability to cope, things turn troublesome for mind, body, and at last, job satisfaction. If you think stress at the workplace has started interfering with your personal life, health, and work performance, you must take the needed action.

Despite being involved with a stressful job or unfortunate conditions, there are plenty of things that can reduce your stress levels and reward you with a sense of control at work. But first, let’s outline the main causes behind this monster.

Main Causes Behind Workplace Stress


bullet_icon Increased workload with an unrealistic deadline, leading to the feeling of being under pressure
bullet_icon Lack of work assignment, making one feel they are not suitable or lack skills
bullet_icon Poor working relationships or lack of interpersonal support, resulting in a sense of isolation
bullet_icon Not getting promotions and rewards
bullet_icon Lack of career opportunities, concern about job security or level of pay
bullet_icon Bullying or harassment
bullet_icon Ineffective management, which makes employees feel they don’t have a sense of direction
bullet_icon Over-management, which makes employees feel undervalued and hurt self-esteem

Beating Workplace Stress


1. Exercise regularly

Aerobic exercise raises heart rate, makes one sweat and serves as an effective way to increase energy, lift mood, increase focus and relax mind & body. Get at least 30 minutes of activity almost every day.


When stress mounts at work, take a break and move away from the stressful environment. If possible, take a stroll outside.

2. Make stress-busting food

Believe it or not but food choices have a huge impact on how one feels during working hours. Small, frequent, and healthy meals help to maintain an even level of blood sugar, keep away from mood swings and promote focus.


herbs for anxiety and depression Avoid sugar and refined carbs. These feel-good foods crash mood and energy; thereby, increasing stress to many folds.
herbs for anxiety and depression Reduce caffeine, trans fats, alcohol and foods with high levels of chemical preservatives.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Boost mood with consumption of omega-3 fatty acids such as fatty fish, flaxseed, seaweed and walnuts.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Avoid nicotine and limit alcohol.

3. Never skimp on sleep

Skimping on sleep interferes with creativity, productivity, concentration and problem-solving skills.


natural supplements for anxiety and stress Go to bed and get up at the same time every day (including weekends). Make sure you sleep for 8 hours a night.
bullet_icon Turn off screens an hour before sleeping, as light emitted smartphones, computers, TV and tablets suppresses production of melatonin and disrupts sleep.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Focus on quiet and relaxing activities like reading or listening soft music, keeping lights low.

4. Break stressful habits


bullet_icon Resist perfectionism: Setting unrealistic goals means setting yourself up to fall short. Focus on doing your best and that’s the best.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Flip negative thinking: Think positive about your work, praise yourself about small accomplishments and avoid thinking about negative people.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Don’t waste time on controlling things you can’t: Rather than stressing over behavior of people, focus on things you can control like choosing the way you react to problems.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Prioritize tasks: Take high-priority tasks first. If you have to do something you don’t really like, do it first and make rest of the day pleasant.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Break projects into small steps: If there’s a large and complicated project, rather than taking everything at once, focus on one manageable step at a time.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Learn to compromise: Bending a little at work helps find a happy middle ground needed to lower the stress levels.

Some Other Important Suggestions


bullet_icon Turn to co-workers for support
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Form new and healthy relationships with colleagues
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Spend time with family & friends
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Talk to your employer regarding workplace stressors
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Ask for new responsibilities

Hopefully, these useful ways will help you conquer workplace stress like a pro. Good luck!

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