Supplements For Growing Kids: Do They Really Matter?

TV commercials these days showcase the importance of daily Gummy Bear or Flintstone vitamin. But are these ads worth paying attention? The right answer says, YES, THEY ARE!
Let’s confess that busy schedule of parents and poor eating choices of kids have made it impossible to meet the appropriate nutritional value. This very reason compels health experts to recommend a daily multivitamin supplement for the moody children.
Every child needs supplements has no truth to it. If your kid is particular about eating healthy, there’s no need to look for external sources.
Still unsure about concluding whether or not your child excels on the adequate nutritional scale? Take a look at the below given points to know when a kid is in need of supplements outside the food:
bullet_icon If their eating habits are irregular
bullet_icon If they are finicky eaters who don’t eat enough
bullet_icon If they are undergoing medication for chronic health issue
bullet_icon If they are prey to eating lots of fast food, processed food or convenience food
bullet_icon If they are on vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free diet
bullet_icon If they are addicted to carbonated drinks, which take away vitamins and minerals from their body
We have some trusted products in our kitty that can help your child get the needed vitamins dose, everyday. Don’t worry, each of the supplement is natural and free from artificial ingredients.
1.  Alternavites Kids Quick-Melting Multivitamins Raspberry Cotton Candy
Alternavites Kids Quick-Melting Multivitamins Raspberry Cotton Candy
This 30-packet supplement is loaded not only with vitamin D but also with calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. The melt-in-mouth formula is tummy friendly, healthy and tasty. Mix the powder in your child’s smoothie, pudding, drink, shake, yogurt or cereal.
Why your kid needs it?
bullet_icon For brain and heart health
bullet_icon For optimal growth
bullet_icon To balance the deficiency of nutrients
2. Childlife Multi Vitamin And Mineral Natural Orange Mango
Childlife Multi Vitamin And Mineral Natural Orange Mango
Give your child essential vitamins and minerals in a liquid formula with this wonderful product. Best suited for the formative years of children, it promotes proper growth & development.
Why your kid needs it?
bullet_icon For all-round development
bullet_icon To prevent any nutrient deficiency
3.  Rainbow Light Kids’ One MultiStars Fruit Punch
Rainbow Light Kids’ One MultiStars Fruit Punch
These star-shaped, chewable and tasty tablets make sure your kid grows healthy & active. This supplement contains richness of vegetable concentrates, something you hardly find in other products.
Why your kid needs it?
bullet_icon For immune health
bullet_icon For brain, eye, heart and bone health
bullet_icon For effective digestion
Though these supplements are safe and ideal for kids; consuming them in the recommended quantity is very important. Apart from this, there are few more things to be careful about. Check them out in the below mentioned points:
1. Keep the products out of your kid’s reach, so he/she don’t treat them like their favorite candy.
2. Do not bribe your kid with desserts or battle over foods. Giving the supplement will solve the purpose.
3. If your child is undergoing medication, consult the doctor before giving any supplement.
4. Go for chewable tablets if your child is not comfortable with liquid or pill.
5. Dosage differs from age to age, make sure you give the right dose.
Buy the right product and let your child grow healthy, smart and intellectual. Don’t forget, initial years of your child determines his/her future health; hence, lay the strong foundation.

  • Kimberly
    Posted at 09:23h, 27 December Reply

    Awesome article! This was super helpful; thank you!

  • Olivia
    Posted at 09:25h, 27 December Reply

    I love this post. I agree with your recommendations.

  • Madison
    Posted at 09:27h, 27 December Reply

    Rainbow Light Kids’ One MultiStars Fruit Punch is good for kids. My kids love it.

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