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Specialists Speak The Language Of Heart For You

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

If you are 27 and healthy, you might take a heart advice to be lame. It is actually rare to have heart trouble on the mind at an age when you are still finding it difficult to deal with heartbreaks. But as the number of Americans dying of heart diseases is increasing every year, it brings heart specialists together to discuss the causes, the symptoms, the treatment, and prevention. A typical heart attack is imagined as a slightly overweight person who is very much indulged in smoking and drinking but the scenario has changed 360 degrees now. Even young people and small kids are being caught by cardio-vascular diseases. Being familiar with the facts about heart disease can save you from being a victim. Below listed are some significant things what everyone should know about heart attack.


It is not always accompanied by chest pain. Most of the people think that chest pain is typical of the heart attack. That is true to some extent but chest pain literally is not chest pain. As what is referred to as pain here is discomfort like pressure, tightness or squeezing sensation. This pain or things mentioned just now can be felt in the middle of the chest, left shoulder, left arm, throat, jaw or back. If the pain persists it can be life threatening heart attack and if it goes with rest it can be still alarming for a serious heart problem.

There are some more important symptoms of heart attack other than chest pain. While chest pain is the most common symptom of the heart attack it is not the only one. People may feel weakness, dizziness, hiccups, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and/or troubled breathing. Suddenly a person will have the sense of not feeling well for 15 minutes and this period may extend up to several hours. Older people and diabetic patients suffer milder symptoms and hence it proves to be the silent killer for them.

One need not be overweight, old or smoker to suffer the heart attack. You yourself may have witnessed the sad news of a young child surviving the heart attack. There are absolute chances of getting heart attack no matter you have maintained your BMR very well, you are not too old and you don’t smoke at all. You still are at risk of getting heart attack despite the fact that you don’t have a history of high blood pressure or diabetes.

Men are not the only who are affected. Yesteryears have seen men be more heart patients but latest research conducted says that women constitute one-third of the group who has their first heart attack. Women have played important role in taking care of the men’s heart health but it is high time to get on toes to take care of self too. Being unaware and uneducated about the symptoms of heart attack can be blamed for women losing lives to the heart attack 10 times more than the women die due to breast cancer.

Do exercise but smartly. The stamina and the strength never remain the same. You cannot expect your body to support you the same way as it used to 15 years back. If you have been regular at exercising it is great news. Consulting your physician as your cross the age of 40 years will be in your heart’s best interest. If you want to start exercise or want to do some changes in your exercise regimen don’t do it without proper consultation.


Sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits contribute the most to shooting number of heart patients in American society. You may not have been able to listen to your heart’s lub dub sound but you need to hear what it asks you to adopt and leave to extend the longevity of heart. The medical experts have streamlined the best suggestions to ensure that your heart is pumping blood in and out just right.


Smoking is not only responsible for scary and painful deaths due to various types of cancer including lung, larynx, mouth and esophageal cancer but it causes high blood pressure as your blood vessels constrict.Giving up on smoking and smokeless tobacco will decrease your vulnerability towards heart diseases.


It is not only smoking and drinking but your food too that is responsible for making your heart exhaust. Processed food is easy to get and delicious to eat for families and professionals but they are laden with sodium that is notorious for increasing the risk of heart disease. Include nuts, olives, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and low-fat dairy products to meet the nutritional requirements of your body and heart.


Living in isolation and dealing with deadlines is making man to lead a mechanical life. Even young people are going into depression with excessive workload and stress. Surround yourself with positive people and stay happy as much as you can to beat depression and heart diseases.

Your heart’s health is very much in your hand. What all you need to do is work hard, play more and eat right.

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