Truth Behind Cigarettes: Do You Believe In Smoking Away Your Stress?

Truth Behind Cigarettes: Do You Believe In Smoking Away Your Stress?

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

15.5% of adult Americans, 37.8 millions in number, are currently the active smokers in the U.S. 4,80,000 people are declared dead each year due to the direct or induced effects of smoking habits. Smoking implicated health issues have coaxed more than $300 billion dollars.

Stress has ghastly imbued the generation into habits which could be hard to mention. It gets weird, horrifying, saddening and funny. People develop self destructing habits, dyskinesia, depression, sleeping disorder, OCD or more. What’s common to fall for is- Smoking.

What’s the hush about smoking when you’re stressed?


Researchers of Pew Research Center Social & Demographic Trends conducted a survey where they examined 2,250 candidates. They were divided into 3 categories: Smokers, Former Smokers and Non-Smokers. Results about their stress were:

herbal supplements for anxiety 50% smokers were severely stressed
natural supplements for anxiety and stress 34% former smokers claimed to be frequently stressed
herbs for anxiety and depression 31% non-smokers mentioned to be stressed

Clearly, smokers are in peril when it comes to stress and every puff is bluffing their brain.

Is It A Hoax Or Placebo Stress Reliever?


What occurs to be your best friend in need is actually a cause of more worry lines on your skin. The majority dives into smoking because they think:

herbs for anxiety and depression It is cool or in trend
herbs for anxiety and depression It helps you to think better
herbs for anxiety and depression It is the solution for everything that goes wrong

Whatever is the reason that puts you under the influence of cigarettes, you’d surely need to quit it sooner than you think. What happens when you put down that bud?

Sitting on office desk, trying to create magic with computer and your mind but nothing productive is turning up? Surely, your mind prickles you with a short smoke break. Let’s break this ‘time-up’ into series of actions:

herbs for anxiety and depression You leave the chair and head out to your favorite zone where you can breathe fresh air.
herbs for anxiety and depression You light up a cigarette and start to take slow puffs.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress While your mind is sorting out how you can deal with the challenge ahead of you.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress You return to your seat without mental cloud but physically at unrest.
herbal supplements for anxiety Your mind plays a temporary “I’m okay” trick until again you can’t take the pressure and the nicotine that you took in last cigarette is asking you to take another one.

It’s simply the deceit game that you’ve been playing with your mind. When you take a ‘time-out’, you get a chance to improve your conscience. The confidence about handling the situation returns. However, you add nicotine, carcinogenic elements and other chemicals in your system. It’s safe to say, “You’re always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late.”

What is in there in that roll?


Cigarette smoke that you pull in contains over 4000 chemicals which is a concoction of 43 carcinogenic ( cancer causing ) compounds, 400 toxins, nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic.

Nicotine acts as stimulant in small amount, depressant in moderate and poison in excess. It’ll only take 6 seconds from lungs to brain to impede your mental health. On other hand, carbon monoxide is a toxin which also irritates your blood cells and reduces oxygen transportation to parts of body. Tar, the sticky compound that causes black lungs of smokers, is responsible for respiratory problems that lead to cancer.

Let Nature Help You To Get Rid Of Smoking


Nicotine romance can’t be easy to breakup with. You need to identify what’s alluring you to go for it at first place. Is it your habit? Is it the smell or after-taste of it? Why can’t you put a full-stop or say a firm ‘No’? Once you know your reasons, follow the given steps:

herbal supplements for anxiety Set the target of 1-3 weeks from the time you begin your journey of “Quit Smoking”
herbal supplements for anxiety Reduce your cigarettes eventually to nil on the last day of this period.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Track you pattern of urgency during this time and after this period, you’ve to replace smoking with small liberating exercises like quick walk, indulgence in talking with your friend/partner, drinking water, eating fruits or workout.

There will be endless pangs which would cause you to pull out a roll once, but you’ve to fight it out. Be ready to go through the phases of “Fight, Denial, Withdrawal and Recovery”.

The Alternative To Beat Stress & Remain Healthy


There are numerous ideas that could help you break the bars of stress which enslave your personality. You may find anti-depressants fancy but again, they are chemicals that you’ll lust. Rather, give yourself some chance to get carried away by weird ideas and natural therapies like:

natural supplements for anxiety and stress Walk on grass barefoot for 5-10 min. It regulates your blood pressure and tickles in the sensitive palate of feet to secretehappy hormones.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Close your eyes for 2-3 min while sitting on your desk and allow your imagination to flow away. Create a short story like beinga bird flying over beautiful landscape, being a kangaroo in jungle, or being a joker trying to make your audience laugh. This short activity break will not only replenish your mind but boost your creativity.
bullet_icon Write what’s being bothering you- a secret, experience- which you’re not able to share with anyone and burn it away. It’s an activity to stop your worrisome phase to grow up on you.
natural supplements for anxiety and stress Go out on a dinner date or cook something delicious for yourself. Don’t forget a glass of wine is a must.
herbal supplements for anxiety Take herbal supplements for propagating ‘feel good’ hormones.

It’s your life which can’t be tamed by any external force. If your desires are strong, your demons will rise above all justice. But that’s even more dangerous. So, train your mind to take the control of your life. It’s time you quit smoking for now and forever.

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