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Unveiling The Truth: Why People Are Fat

Unveiling the Truth

Our planet is getting fatter and everyone has their own reasons behind the matter. Some of the best excuses people use to blame their out of shape bodies include:

  • Parents: Pampered us with junk food when we were kids
  • Sugar: Additive
  • Magazines and media: Using Photoshop and highlighting attractive people
  • Gyms: Intimidating
  • Diets: Restrictive along with conflicting information
  • Children: Make us buy junk food by demanding them
  • Spouse: Temp us with junk food
  • Jobs: Causes stress and make us sit for long hours
  • Fitness industry: Intimidating, conflicting information and over sexiness

The Ability to Act Responsible

Is this is a sort of wonder that more and more people are becoming fat day by day? Well, unfortunately, we are also not determined about taking our responsibility seriously.

This is a kind of virtue that’s going out of fashion. The better one gets at taking responsibility, the more they look for chances to settle the circumstances rather than falling prey to them.

Now this is how mental weakness changes into physical weakness. Generally, weak people point out finger at outside sources rather than trying to overcome their personal challenges.

There are physiological as well as psychological factors that make it almost impossible to lose fat and gain muscle.

What Makes Fit People Fit

Every single individual who is in shape fights and put efforts for it in one way or the other. Everyone has their own personal flaws and challenges to overcome. Hence, unless you are blessed or genetically gifted, you can’t get that lean body without struggling.

Not just this but the struggles you battle change monthly, yearly and even daily, at times. Once you are done with initial challenges, you will get new ones to deal with. Getting in shape doesn’t always require hitting the gym. Reason being, it is something needed to be done consistently with every choice made.

Your Body, Your Business

If you have that extra weight or bulges, make sure not allowing anyone tell you that you have no choice. Neither let them tell you that you are born this way and there’s nothing you can do about it. Want to know why? Well, because if you will start believing them, you won’t ever feel competent to initiate ans take control of things.

If you are not interested in strengthening your body or improving your health, it’s no one else’s but your business. You are smart enough to prioritize what matters to you. Stop blabbering that the fitness industry is the reason you failed or your family or food manufacturers are responsible for the repercussions you’re going through.

Sycophants Don’t Help

When one plays a sycophant , they don’t realize how they encourage people to be the victims and not the masters of their problems. Because if they can decide to get in better shape now, they could have opted for it in the first place and that would have saved them from being where they are now.

The First Step In Change

The longer one chooses going with the flow and doing nothing, the harder it is for them to develop habits that are essential to get lean and strong. This is the first step one must understand.

Blaming others for causing your circumstances postpones the good stuff that you should be enjoying. Temptation is inescapable and faced by everyone. If you put your spouse as the reason for the tempting food you relish upon, don’t count on changing. Also, if you are injured or unwell, there are ways to go for the best options within the given set of circumstances.

Anyone who is not struggling is not making the progress. Reason being, struggle keeps you from getting fatter, weaker, fatter, less mobile, and more incompetent as the owner of your body.

Last but not the least, the blame game can’t help you get fit and healthy. All you need to question yourself is, are you determined to battle your challenges or let them control you? Either way, the choice is yours.

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