Scientifically Proven Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Ladies & Gentlemen: Presenting To You The Scientifically Approved Weight Loss Supplements

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 3:55 am

Hey Americans! Do you know you have successfully reached Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth? Yes, you have but unfortunately because of your excess weight. Oops, sarcasm hurts you? But that’s what the truth is.

According to the reports, weight loss industry itself is worth $66 billion dollars in the US alone. Earlier, women occupied major percentage of this huge industry; however, last few years have witnessed some changes. In terms of gender-based statistics, the gap is closing between men and women. As per reports of 2015, the difference between prevalence of obesity was 38.3% in females and 34.3% in men.

Moving on to the other harsh reality, “there isn’t any miracle pill and effort is the only key to hit the desired results.”

Keeping the best weight loss supplements for men & women at the center-stage, this post will give you a stroll of reliable options that have the potential to ‘hit n throw’ all your excess fat. But before unmasking those supplements, let us update you with a fare difference between natural and prescription diet pills.

Natural Supplements Prescription Supplements
Derived from naturally-occurring substances like plants, herbs, and spices. Drugs synthesized for a certain goal, although are FDA approved.
Suitable for everyone. Recommended to people with a BMI greater than 30 or people suffering from hypertension and diabetes, above 27 years of age.
Cheap in price. Really expensive.
No or mild side-effects. Serious side-effects, at times.
Take time to work. Show visible results in less time.

The Many Types Of Weight Loss Supplements

The Many Types Of Weight Loss Supplements

A total of 5 categories constitute the different kinds of products that help to drop extra weight.

These categories are:

1. Appetite Suppressants

Individuals struggling with a hard time regulating their cravings are advised to have these supplements. By keeping satiety levels higher, these help to keep away from belly pangs.

Best appetite suppressants:

best weight loss supplement for menCapsaicin: A study in ‘Appetite’ concluded that men and women who took 4mg of capsaicin for 12 weeks, consumed fewer calories per day.

weight loss supplements for womenThylakoids: A 2015 study published in ’The Journal of the American College of Nutrition’ showed that overweight men and women who took supplemental thylakoids, experienced less hunger.

bullet_iconSupplemental protein: A study in ‘Steroids’ found that when overweight adults consumed breakfast with protein, they felt less hungry and had fewer cravings all day long.

2. Fat Metabolizers

Besides breaking down fat, these weight loss supplements for women and men, of course, block fat absorption pathways. Also, they free up fatty acids, making them useful for energy expenditure.

Best fat metabolizers:

best weight loss supplement for womenCLA (conjugated linoleic acid): Studies have found remarkable loss of body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass in people consuming 3-6g of CLA per day.

best supplements for weight loss7-Keto DHEA: Produced naturally in the body, it regulates fat burning. Taking its supplements complements the weight loss program.

herbs for weight lossGlucomannan: As per researches, it slows down the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and decreases insulin spiking.

3. Fat Burners

These are stimulants with the purpose of triggering the central nervous system. As a result, thermogenesis enhances and more fat is burned.

Best fat burners:

bullet_iconGuarana: Known as liposuction in a bottle, it boosts metabolism, burns fat, and decreases the appetite to accelerate the rate of weight loss.

bullet_iconEphedrine: As one of the four active components of Ephedra (a herb), it boosts the amount of fat available for fuel and increases heat expenditure.

bullet_iconForskolin: Popular as a miracle flower, it causes fat cells to produce more cAMP (cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate), which eventually results in breakdown of fat tissue.

4. Diuretics

Lean individuals with some water weight take these products, as the supplements remove a layer of fluid from the body. As obvious, a leaner look is experienced; however, these must be taken for very short period of time.

Best natural diuretics:

bullet_iconJuniper: Juniper berries flush out the excess water, which otherwise becomes the reason for extra weight.

bullet_iconDandelion: Its roots regulate the appetite, increase satiety and stop the maturation of fat storage cells in adipogenesis.

bullet_iconHorsetail: By decreasing fluid retention in the body, horsetail helps to shed extra pounds.

5. Carb Blockers

As the name says, these aim to block the absorption as well as digestion of carbohydrates. Hence, these are recommended to people with high quantity of carbohydrates in diet.

Best Carb Blockers:

bullet_iconCinnamon: By regulating the blood sugar, curbing cravings to eat more and lowering LDL, it helps lose weight.

bullet_iconApple Cider Vinegar: As per a study, people who consumed 15 or 30 ml of vinegar noticed smaller waist, lower body weight and less abdominal fat.

bullet_iconPsyllium Husk: By expanding to form a gel-like substance in the gut, it keeps full for longer time and aids in successful weight loss.

5 Evergreen Weight Loss Supplements

1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Skin of Garcinia Cambogia fruit has hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is the major reason behind its ability to speed up the weight loss hunt.

How it works?

HCA encourages the body to use fat as the source of energy and not store it as fat. Besides, it increases serotonin levels, which lowers the urge to eat more.

2. Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract


Being decaffeinated, green coffee beans are not roasted, which is why they don’t cause side-effects that are possible with caffeine.

How it works?

Chlorogenic acids, the active ingredient, regulate blood sugar levels and support body’s metabolism to burn and utilize the stored fat.

3. Green Tea Extract


A powerful antioxidant, green tea extract is one of the most popular ingredients in a number of natural weight loss supplements.

How it works?

Green tea has theophylline and caffeine, compounds which are believed to enhance the fat metabolism rate.

4. Chitosan


A natural marine fibre, chitosan is found in shrimp or crab and is a part of many weight loss supplements.

How it works?

Chitosan absorbs high quantities of food fat and acts like a sponge in the digestive extract. As it can’t be digested, the fat binds to it and goes out of the body without entering into the bloodstream. As per studies, Chitosan absorbs 6 to 12 times its weight in fat and oils. However, it should not be taken with Omega 3 oils, fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E), and flaxseed oil or medications for an hour.

5. White Kidney Bean Extract


The extract blocks the absorption of carbohydrates.

How it works?

White kidney bean extract temporarily blocks alpha-amylase, which is an enzyme produced by the pancreas. Alpha-amylase breaks down dietary starch into glucose. The digestive system blocks this enzyme and hence, does not absorb the starch, which then expels out of the body.

Lose For Good

Whether you were looking for the best weight loss supplements, this post has given you a pool of options for both. Stop making excuses and pick up your favorite supplement because losing flab got easier than ever. Buckle up! Your dream physique is just the right product away.

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